Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tom Ford MoodLight

Am I the last to post this Moodlight? Lol!! I did not intend to post a review about this since I thought this is a Limited Edition and selling fast. But I still see this being sold everywhere till now, so one more review of this baby won't hurt right?

This Illuminating Duo caught my attention even before it was launched. That simplicity won my heart. The pattern is just so simple with TF embossing in the middle of each pan. I am on No-Buy recently, but if you asked me if I could only shop one brand in 2016, without a doubt I would say Tom Ford it is! Please tell Mr.Ford that I am fall in love with his line.

The packaging is also so lux. If saw some friends stacking few TF compact and seriously I thought that is the best make up stack ever.. This kind of packaging is timeless.. I think I will still love this in the next 10 years, 20 years or more.. The case is not too small, but sleek enough to put inside the make up pouch. Oh, and the mirror is helpful for touch up too.. 

I don't own / try many Tom Ford products beside lipstick, so I'm not in the place to give comment about the quality consistency.. But this is not powdery or easily fall out. It is not overly picked with any brush that I have. It is definitely safe for beginner. This is foolproof!

The finish is very natural. When picked by fingers, it is so pigmented. But when using brush, the amount is perfect for a subtle glow, and it is buildable to a certain level. 

You can use it separately or blend it together. Basically you have three choices here, all of them are incredibly pretty. (See the swatch above). The glow is super fine but noticeable both in natural or artificial lighting. It last for 7 hours on me before fading.

The price is high, IKR? But I haven't found other illuminating product as pretty as this. Usually they are too glamour, too shimmery, too much glow or sometimes even not enough glow. (If you have any suggestion, please tell me).. It is safe for now to say that this is one of my best pick in 2015.

Thank you for reading..

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