Sunday, January 17, 2016

Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion

Woo hoo! Givenchy is joining cushion games!! Who's excited? I am not a cushion addict honestly. I only have one other cushion at the moment. It's Laneige BB Cushion (reviewed here). 

Cushion is too cute. I always attracted to buy some, but don't know why I always step back. This Givenchy Cushion design won my heart. When it first launched in Singapore in December (worldwide is on January or February?), I quickly ordered one. Despite of the high price SGD83 for 14g with no refill (compared to other cushion 15g + 1 refill), I still give my money to it.  Is that worth it? Let's discuss with me..

The outer part is just like other cushion. Round with flip lid.. It comes in black color which add a touch of luxury. Usually bb cushion is fancy, but this one is gorgeous!

When opening the lid, you will find the applicator in white with black strap. The difference with other cushion is usually inside you will get an additional applicator tray that has function as protector too, so that the product not easily dry. 

This time no flipping tray provided. When you take the sponge, you are facing a metal plate with tiny holes form up in the shape of Givenchy logo. So pretty! The product will dispense from that holes after pushing the metal for few times (only for the first time use). Next time, you only need to push once each time.

That plate also keep the products' hygiene, since our applicator will not have a direct contact with the product. I could tell this is genious. Maybe other cushion need to adopt this technique. Enough saying about the design. Let's start talking about the products.

The texture of the product is a bit thick for liquid, but when blended well it has very sheer coverage. The finish is not as dewy as other cushion from Korea. I have shades no 2 (Fresh Shell). They have 4 shades in total. It oxidize soon after applied (around 30mins), so Fresh Shell is perfect match for me. 

The applicator is a total fail for me. I don't know what's wrong. The products won't blend and won't set. I spent 15 minutes tried to blend the product on half face (In the picture it is part on your left) and failed. It creates patches, not covering any imperfection and in fact make it worse. After that 15 minutes in hell, I leave the applicator alone, then continue using my fingers.

(Sorry for the pic tone. I use only natural sunlight, so whenever the cloud is coming, the tone of my picture changes. But I don't use filter so I hope you could imagine the real situation here)

It is not buildable. To reach coverage like in above picture, I need a lot of effort. If you want to cover your dark spots, dark circle or scar, you definitely need concealer. It won't help you cover anything. It help to minimize the visibility of my pores and help to smooth out my skin though. 

Make sure to use good primer, concealer and setting powder whenever you use this Teint Couture. Because without them, this baby maybe would make you dissapointed in some ways. Like for me, it won't set in some areas of my face (upper browbone, undereye, and lip corner). In my opinion, it also not perform well on people who easily sweating like me. 

It claims to be good for touch up. When there is a risk of being cakey, Givenchy promise it won't be happening with this cushion. I did try to to touch up with this and I don't like the result. Eventhough it is not cakey, it is really difficult to blend it out. I tried using my beauty blender and still failed.

I have high expectation to this product, but sadly this is not my favorite. I'm so sorry Givenchy.. Some friends love it to the bit, but it doesn't work the same way to me.. Other products used listed below. Thank you for reading.

Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion #2 Fresh Shell
Coty Airspun Loose Powder #Transluscent
NYX Eyebrow Pencil #DarkBrown
Urban Decay Naked 1 #Sin and #Smog
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner #DenimInk
Too Faced #ChocolateSoleilBronzer
Too Faced #SnowBunnyBronzer
YSL RV #32 Corail Jalouse

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