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Shop My Stash 23 Jan 2016

Just like I said before, I have to stop buying new make up (read this).. I have more than enough already.. I won't post any numbers because I'm still not ready to tell you (maybe one day).. Lol.. But I guess I could share some Shop My Stash action I've been doing since early of the year..

Have you ever heard about 'Shop My Stash'? Many beauty bloggers use this words to describe their action in picking their old collection back to use again instead of buying the new one. Yeah I'm doing this now.

The feeling is definitely different with getting new items or receiving new mail. That excitement of opening package or adoring new items is not there. I'm sorry I mean no offense, but I guess we could say that shopping addict can be related to psychological issue.. 

For me, any addiction means no good.. I'm not judging everyone else, everybody has their own life. If you are happy with collecting and hoarding and you have enough money, then nothing's wrong with it. If you feel something wrong with it, then it is wrong. It's in your head. 

I'm still being in love scrolling through internet and IG adoring some friends' collection. Nothing can change my love for make up.. But I'm judging myself, for buying too much make up, for spending too much money on it, and most of all for not using it well.. 

Yes, almost all my collection are still on 95% condition or more while I have the collection worth a small car.. Yes I'm not kidding here. I spent my money that could buy a small car and I'm not using them well.. Okay by this reason, I made decision to begin Shop My Stash..

If you read my previous post about my resolution, you will read that I don't do project pan anymore because of some reason. This Shop My Stash is more suitable for me since there are not too many rules in this game. The only rule is : USE WHAT YOU HAVE, DON'T BUY A NEW ONE..

Well, I don't say that I'm 100% clean from this 'disease'. I have to admit that I'm ordering a few this month. But that for me still reasonable if I compare with my previous years. And so far I finished more that I bought. I promise to myself I will do better in coming months.

I hope this will help to inspire some people who want to take same path like me. But please do remember that I still love make up, and I don't have any intention to stop loving it. I only want to maximize the use of my current collection, the use of my money..

Then, here we go! My picks for my first Shop My Stash.. These products could be changed anytime I want or need but hopefully I will stick with them at least for a week.

I picked some old stuff here. Most of them are full size. A few products are picked because I want to finish them soon and some other picked because I love them. Lol.. There is two products that re-appeared from my 2015 project pan (read here). The amount of the products already reduced from the last update on August 2015 since I keep using it regularly or shared it.

Here is the list of my 25 picks :

1. Dior Nude Air Sample (reviewed here). This is only 20% left.

2. Benefit Dandelion Mini (reviewed here). I haven't told you this one cracked when I depoted it out from the kit and I have used the broken part.

3. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua.. One of my oldest foundation. I bought this around June 2014 and start using it in November 2014. It's still 60-70% remaining and hope will gone in the end of the year. Bit hard to finish it since I don't wear foundie everyday.

4. Coty Airspun Powder (reviewed here). This powder comes in generous amount. This is only 30% of the product. (The case is from Pola, I moved the products here while I sold the rest of the product in original case. I couldn't finish it alone!).

5. Burberry Fresh Glow in Nude Radiance (reviewed here) for instant glow.. Maybe 40% remaining..

All 5 basics above choosen by intention of finishing them soon. 

6. Chanel Ombres Perlees Eyeshadow Palette.. This is a sentimental product for me. Beside the formula is outstanding, it is my first high end product, bought on my first trip to Paris in 2010 (???). When my friends busy with designer bags, I took this baby home. 5 years and I still love it like ever.

7. Clinique Duo Like Mink.. My mom gave it to me and it is not loved properly.

8. Urban Decay Book of Shadow NYC. Even on the next 10 years, I need to keep it simply because of the packaging. And I love to combine with some neutrals like Naked Palette.

9. Urban Decay Naked Palette. Another oldies. I've been wearing this for 2 weeks and I see small progress on the eyeshadows. Sadly I didn't take picture of it two weeks ago.. 

10. Make Up Forever Aqua Cream 01 (dark grey color). Whenever I need a longlasting eye make up.

11. Make Up Forever Aqua Cream 16. Reappeared from the last project pan. Not so well loved after the project finish. Want to declutter but I just couldn't. That's why I need to give a big shot this time.

12. The Balm Mary Lou Manizer (reviewed here). I tend to hate a broken products no matter how good they are. Mary Lou is pretty but deep in my heart I want this one gone soon (and buy the new one? Lol). In reality it is impossible, you will never finish a highlighter.. Hahaha..

13. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. This one is from Beauty Wishes and Sweet Kisses. In total I have 3 pieces of Chocolate Soleil, the other two are from Everything's Nice and from La Belle Carousel. Come on! I don't need all three of them.

14. Dior It Lash Blue. I love this mascara a lot! I don't mind wearing this everyday.

15. Chanel Beaute des Cils. For a good base and bolder looks.

16. YSL Touche Eclat Pen. Love to use it undereye..

17. YSL Babydoll Eyeliner Gris Vynil.

18. ABH Dipbrow Pomade Ebony. Also from last project pan. I shared some with my friends so only small amount left (but I think it will last till the end of the year). A little goes a long way.

19. Bobbi Brown Gel Liner Denim Ink. Favorit color! I love this one a lot! Will do swatch for you soon..

20. Clinique Fresh Bloom. I'm mixing all color and use it on my cheek as natural blusher. 

21. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Rouge Kiss Mini

22. MAC Lip Creme Perpetual Flame

23. Tom Ford Twist of Fate

24. Topshop Macaroon

25. YSL RPC Rouge Rose / Rosy Coral

I choose all different tone to survive this week. Tom Ford Twist of Fate is my most favorite. 

This is your bonus because you stay with me till the end, swatch of 5 lippie this week..

Thank you for reading.. See you next time! Have a good weekend  😊😊😊

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