Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Morphe Brushes 35N Palette

Hi everyone, how are you? It is in the middle of the week and also in the middle of the month. Did you haul few things or you survive keeping the money inside your pocket? I broke my promise for not hauling this month. Hahaha...

Well, instead of feeling guilty, I want to share about this stuff. Everybody know about Morphe Brushes 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette. The most hyped is 35O that pushing Morphe to come out with the shimmer version and matte version. I have the original version that I will be reviewing soon. Now, let's talk about 35N first.

I bought 35N together with 35W and 35O, but I ended up selling 35W to my friend. Why? Because actually 35N and 35W have the same exact shades, only 35W consist of shimmers and mattes and 35N is all matte!

I have a lot of shimmery eyeshadow but only have few mattes in my stash, therefore I'm definitely going for the all matte palette. Generally, the color range is neutral enough for everyday use and can be combined with other shimmery palette for more glamorous look.

Below I provide you swatch of all shades. You have a lot of options from light shades to dark shades, most are neutral with few warm tones and few cool tones.

As you can see, the texture is soft, a bit chalky and not so buttery. The pigmentation is not the best among my eyeshadow collection. At first I thought, "oh maybe this will not be my favorite", because I like the buttery texture of an eyeshadow and the pigmentation not impress me.

But surprisingly, it has almost no fall out and really easy to blend. I mean seriously it is really blendable and the most of the shades are buildable. The worst shade is the gray black, the second from bottom right (you will find the swatch in the last swatch picture) that yesterday I found still can be used with a bit of effort. It is difficult to pick and powdery, but will be okay for not-so-bold look. 

But think again about the pigmentation, this is all matte palette! Matte eyeshadows never as buttery as shimmery eyeshadows. So finally I found that this 35N is great enough to keep in my stash.

I always use Urban Decay Primer Potion Anti Aging when using this because I dislike the chalky texture and find that they could last all day. Seriously in the end of the day when I want to erase my make up, it is still there, almost as nice as in the morning.

Above is daily looks using 35N palette.

And here I combine with Urban Decay Book of Shadow NYC shade Money for more eyepopping look and Money should be thrown away because the texture has changed. Excuse for buying new palette? Lol.. 

I really love this 35N when thinking of how affordable it is. I get 35 matte shades that I need and finally I find gorgeous shades for transition and crease. Overall, I'm loving it!

Thank you for reading..

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Unboxing : Althea Turns 1

My Dear Althea, Happy Belated Birthday to you! Sorry I'm so late because I've just reached home few days ago. I supposed to post this on July, but when I departed to Europe, your package was not arrived yet. My mom sent me some pictures when mailman came and brought the package, and I was so sad I could not make it on time. I end up posted on instagram using some picture from mom, and now I can happily create this blogpost and also video on my Youtube channel. 

Guys, if you still don't know about Althea, you're missing something good! Althea delivers Korean Beauty Products, originally shipped from Korea, to our doorstep. Currently the service is available in Indonesia and some other SEA countries. When you register, you will have a looottt of benefits. Althea's promo is no joke. Just go to their web, you will know why I love Althea so much. (click here)

This is how the birthday box looks like! It is cute and it's pink!! This design is specially created for birthday celebration only. I guess you will get the original box, which is also beautiful, if you place order now since the birthday celebration is over. (Again, I'm so sorry I'm late. Huhuhu).

Before digging into my haul, I would like to share about the birthday kit. Althea gave us kit to make party hat and a baloon to blow! I honestly loving this idea. So, I could customize my own party hat according to my liking, and it is definitely so much fun! More pictures in the end of the post..

Now we are peeking into the haul. I ordered all of them in a set, because that time Althea had promotion for Witch's Pouch. They offered Beauty in the BOX, a set of few Witch's Pouch items with cheaper price. This is option no. 03 Girlish Look Box. The set contains of fix shades, means you couldn't choose blusher or eyeshadow shades that you want. Seems like now the offer is over, but you can purchase them individually on Althea's website and you can mix match them according to your style.

Here is what I get:
1. Pouch
2. CC Cream 6in1 50ml in Natural Beige
3. Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base 40ml
4. Velvet Two Way Cake 12g in Natural Beige
5. Love Me Blusher 11g no.02
6. Shadow for Eyes shade Pink of Moon
7. Get It Easy Dual Brow Pencilcara in Natural Brown
8. Radiant Tint no.03

I got them all for IDR720.000 (worth IDR 2.270.000). If you want to order them now, hurry up! Because they are currently on sale. I did a bit counting just now, if you want the exact items like mine with current sale price, the total will be IDR960.000. But if you want to order one or two items that you like, grab them now while they are on sale. And they currently also have promotion for buy 3 free 1 all items, soooooo what are you waiting for????

2 sample sachets @1ml of Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum 

I haven't made swatch or looks using them yet, but I surely will. Just stay tuned on my Instagram @deavalence.

This is the process of making the DIY Party Hat and the baloon.

Simple, easy, and so fun!

I enjoy the birthday kit so much!

Even my Lizzy would like to celebrate too..

Happy Birthday Althea! Wishing you the very berry best! XOXO

Thank you for reading

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Homemade Natural Johannisbeeren Mask

Travelling often damage our skin,especially when it is a "10 countries in 2 months time" trip. You go through humid and dry, sunny and rainy, hot and cold, guess what's the result! Dry, flaky, and dull skin is our new enemy.

That time I only bring Glamglow which I'm afraid could make my skin condition even worst. I didn't intend to buy new mask because our backpack and luggage were already full. I just tried to put lots of moisturizer at night.

Then I bought Johannisbeeren, hoping that I would love the taste and eat as my dessert. Unfortunately, I and my husband don't like it. For your information, Johannisbeeren, or usually also called by Red Currant, is not a common fruit in our country. I remember seeing it as cake decoration but I never tried it. Several times, I found cherries, berries and peaches and plum in Europe are nicer than in my country, so I hope this one also same.

Because we are on travel, I definitely could not cook or bake. I think it will be perfect for jam. Then suddenly come the idea of making it as mask. The taste is really sour, so I guess it is high in vitamin C. Lately I found that is true, it contains 49% of vitamin C! It also contains vitamin K and vitamin B. Please google for more information.

This fruit is not expensive in Europe. You get that many for only €2. It is easily found in local market or supermarket. I bought it in Netto.

Let me share how to make mask from Johannisbeeren. 

1. Take a bowl of the fruit, throw away the stalk.
2. Crush it using any tools possible. I only had spoon that time. Do it in kitchen or better in your bathroom. It does not leave stain on ceramic or hard surface, but be careful of splatting your cloth.
3. If you have strainer, it would be better because the seed can be so annoying. We only need the juice anyway.
4. Add honey for better result. I did not add honey since I did not have it.
5. Go to bathroom if you are not there already.
6. Put it on. I put it on my face, my hands and my hair.
7. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse.

It is a bit scary! Looks like I'm going for blood bath! Lol..

In a first five minutes, it feels a bit itchy. Hold on! It will slowly dissapear. It can't be completely dry, after 30 minutes it is still wet but I decided to rinse it. I did this without any research first, so I did not know what to expect. Now are you ready for the result?

- Flaky area is not as bad as before, no scrubing
- Smoother
- Brighter

- Brighter
- Smoother
- Note: I scrub my lips before rinse using the seeds very gently, no need to leave for 30 minutes.

- No difference for hair

What do you think? Should I hunt Johannisbeeren in my country? 😄

Thank you for reading..

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kiko Colour Correction Face Fixing Powder

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful? She is KIKO Milano Colour Correction Face Fixing Powder. Have you heard much about colour correction products? Yes they are always colourful and beautiful. Each colour will have its own function and when it blended well, they will even your skintone and makes your skin appears better.

The packaging is modern. It is a sturdy white plastic on the bottom part and mirrory lid for the top. It is embellished with the KK logo on the lid and features a magnetic closure and internal mirror. It is slightly bigger and thicker than my compact powder but not that big or heavy so basically you can bring this inside your pouch for later touch up.

This rainbow powder is designed to improve and revitalize the complexion, conceal redness and skin discolouration and set make-up improving its hold.

I bought it in Milano Centrale in late August and put in my luggage. Then 5 days later while in Schliersee, I want to take it out for more pics and the powder is already everywhere inside the packaging box. Yeah, the packaging box is really thin and the gap between powder and the lid is quite wide for fragile items with nothing in between. 

I should put tissue or cotton back then. It might be not strong enough to follow me crossing two countries in five days. Lol.. Luckily the messy part is just a small part of the beige, I tried to press it again using my fingertip. After that I put tissue for safety reason before closing the lid and it is perfectly safe until now, a month later and across 8 countries. Below is the only pic I have with the perfect condition, taken in Milano Centrale 5 minutes after purchasing.

The powder is soft and has light texture. Sometimes correcting powder feels like too pigmented, this one is not. I should heavily pressed the powder and  swatch two times to make it visible in the picture. The texture is bit powdery but could blend well onto skin. It is mild enough to use as all over face powder if picked using brush and pigmented enough as a subtle highlighter if applied using finger.

I have no problem using it during my holiday. But again, the weather there is so nice. I took these picture during my holiday but not post it yet until I can try it in Indonesia which has humid weather for more testing.

The picture above is one hours after application. You can see that my complexion is better and my skin looks brighter. I don't find it extend the life of make up on my face too much. But luckily it is not drying on me. It does not contain paraben and non comedogenic.

This one is after 7 hours without touch up. Not bad eh? In Indonesia it only last for 4 hours before I need to reapply. Not so special but definitely not bad for the price and for 6.5grams of product.

Thank you for reading guys..

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

KIKO Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner

Hello from Kuala Lumpur! I arrived yesterday after long flight from Amsterdam and now I think I'm having jet lag. LOL.. Instead of scrolling through instagram and drooling over any latest collection, I prefer to write a review for you.

This eyeliner is from KIKO Milano. I bought this in Milano Centrale for €6.90 in the end of July. I run out of my Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er in mid of August, so luckily I've already bought this one.

You get 1ml inside which is twice as much as Stila Eyeliner Pen and Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er which is 0.5ml each. The pen is in black color and slightly slimmer than Stila if I'm not mistaken. I'm still away from home so I could not compare.

When you look at the first picture above, the tip of this pen is quite sharp and application is easy. Below is the swatch of the product. You can make thin line to bold wings easily. It has matte finish.

What about the performance? Well so far so good when the weather is good. I mean, this is long wear but I find it easily smudge when you scrub with water (I'll post video in instagram soon). As long as you are not easily sweating, this one is good enough. Just make sure you're not rubbing your eyes when sweating. Blot using tissue, it will be okay.

I even wear this for country to country travel in Europe and have no problem with this. Citywalk, city transport, country to country bus, train, flight, you name it, this baby has gone through it all. 

Below is the picture when we were in Praha, eating Trdelnik after few hours walk in city center. I don't wear much make up while on the road and don't have any close up picture wearing it yet. (Just wait until I get home guys!).

And if you want to make it more long staying, just put your best primer on. It helps! I'm currently using Urban Decay Primer Potion and find it not as easily removed compared than without using primer. 

Well, I don't know if I will repurchase or not since we don't have KIKO counter in Indonesia and not many local seller selling this eyeliner. But I don't have any regret buying it.

Thank you for reading! Have a good day (or night here) ^_^

Monday, August 1, 2016

Complete Make Up Packing List

Hello lovely readers, how are you? I'm now in the middle of my journey. Currently having a good evening in Schliersee, Germany. The weather is so nice and it is far from crowded city. I'm enjoying it so far. And because I have plenty of time today, I want to share about my complete make up packing list. 

Last time I already posted about what I bring in my Zebra Z-Palette (read here), then now I'm sharing about the rest. My list is not that long because (of course!) I want to buy some more on the way. 

1. Lip palette. I don't want to bring too many lipsticks, but I'm not confident with just one or two. So I depotted 4 pieces of almost-done lipsticks into my recycled Clinique case that I already sterilized using alcohol. It's compact and handy. They are Menard One Touch, Guerlain Kiss Kiss Rouge Kiss, Givenchy Rose Dressing, Tom Ford Twist of Fate.

2. Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow

3. Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Eyeliner Pen

4. Benefit They're Real Mascara

5. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

6. Make Up For Ever HD Concealer

7. Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin

8. Make Up For Ever Step 1 Primer Smoothing

9. MAC Fix+ Rose (Limited Edition)

Above is the picture when I was test driving the products I choose and I quite like the result. In fact, I was sure I'm not going to use them all everyday. So, they should be more than enough.

However, I choose to add few more things into my make up bag on last minute because honestly those are as important as the others.

10. Shu Uemura Maison Kitsune Travel Brush Set

11. Chanel Travel Brush Set + Pouch (It could fit a lot of things)

12. Chanel Universelle Compacte

13. Chanel Les Beiges Cream

14. Dior Lipglow Coral

15. Laneige BB Cushion without case (I already finished that when I was in Paris last week)

So, how am I doing in this 2 weeks time? I don't use them as much as I want. I like to use BB Cream more than Foundation. I love wearing lipbalm more than lipstick. Sometimes I only wear sunscreen, lipbalm, and eyeliner. And I hit pan on my Nars Orgasm!!! LOL!! What a surprise!

What do you think of my packing list? Do you think that's too many or maybe not enough? Well then, I'm getting sleepy now. It's almost midnight. So, see you again on next post. Thank you for reading..

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Original Make Up Eraser

Another holiday preparation for me! Make Up Eraser sounds magic. How is it possible to erase my entire make up including my waterproof make up with just water? I was a bit sceptical about it. 

They claims that it contains no chemicals and survive 1000 washes. All you need is warm water. Oohh laa laa.. Thanks to my friend, she got me one on Sephora Sale few months ago.

The size is bigger than make up wipes, maybe 2x or 3x larger and of course thicker. It is 7inches wide x 16inches long. But it definitely saves you a lot of space in your luggage if you are travelling for long time. Let's say in my case I'm going for 40+ days. I love to wipe my make up in the middle of the day too. And mostly I need two sheets of make up wipes each time I use foundation. In total need 6-8 packs of wipes! And here I need only one piece. Don't we have a winner already?

Maybe you think that I could bring only 2-3 packs of wipes and repurchase in the middle of our trip. Maybe you are right. But in my case, I'm doing half-backpacking trip and I have tight schedule. I choose to spend extra time to sit and relax in the middle of townhall with sandwich on my hand than to walk through a drugstore looking for my favorite make up wipes. Going back to personal, that's not my option. Lol..

Another reason why I choose this cloth over make up wipes is about saving cost for buying wipes. This single cloth cost me just $20 (please convert if you are using other currency) in normal price (I'm saving 20% on sale) and it survives 1000 washes. I wash it after 3 times of uses, so it will last me 3000 uses. How much your make up wipes cost you? I'm sure with the cheapest wipes available on market, this cloth still cheaper than that.

I have other reason that might be not a concern for some people. This is an ecofriendly option compared to makeupremover+cottonpad or dispossable make up wipes. Might be more ecofriendly than some cleansing oil too, depends on the ingredients, because it claims containing no chemical.

The packaging is simple, just a transparent hard plastic for the box. There is instruction card inside every box. The cloth itself is wrapped in a sealed plastic packaging to keep it hygienic.

The cloth is okay for me and I don't have problem using it during these two weeks. It is not super soft so for you who have sensitive skin, I suggest to run a test first whether it hurts your skin or not. 

Does it works?? Yes, it works fine for me. We are supposed to use warm water for maximum result, but I was running a test using room temperature water because I don't know if I could always find warm water during my trip. For your information, in this test I'm using long wearing products that needs thorough (double) cleansing. I will share the products later in my beauty packing list post. I also made a video that I will post in my instagram (@deavalence)

Most of my make up is being cleansed. My eyebrow gel, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and most of powder, foundation and cheek products have gone. But to show you how much make up left, I was using Bioderma Sensibio. 

The result is not too bad considering the make up products I'm using and instead of warm water I'm using room temperature water. Last time (with almost same make up products with this one), I was using make up wipes, and I need triple cleanse before the make up gone completely.

Now we are at the end of the post and I should make judgement about the product.

Do I love it? Yes, I quite like it.

Is it useful for travelling? Yes, very useful.

Worth the price? Yes for me.

Do I mind not buying make up wipes and move to this product? I already moved 😉

Any complaint? That I have to wash after using it. I am a lazy girl 😂

Will I use it at home? Maybe. So far I'm loving cleansing oil more than this cloth. But who knows!

That's my honest opinion about this Original Make Up Eraser and I hope that this is helpful. Thank you for reading.