Thursday, January 7, 2016

Chanel Joues Contraste Rose Glacier

Rose Glacier is my first Joues Contraste. Since I did not have anything from the Joues Contraste family, I was decided to bring the safe color home, the color that foolproof to my liking. (My second pick is Alezane which is more unique in color)

Not saying much about the packaging anymore. I guess you all know already about it. A simple black case with the white logo in the middle. Incudes pouch and got mirror inside. You'll find applicator that is really helpful when you are on travelling or for touch up. Open the case and that Rosy Violet smell will hint your nose. The smell of Chanel products somehow comforts me.

The color is a pretty rosy color with golden shimmer. The color and the shimmer creates a wonderful effect on your skin. The shimmer is fine enough, so it will not turn too shiny or bling bling. 

The texture is not too buttery but definitely not dry. I think this has good formula for powder blushes. This blush is pigmented but not overpowering. So basically you can build it up in strokes and reach whatever you desire of with it. It also blend well and long lasting, about 6-7 hours without fix spray.

Sorry for the picture. This was taken before I finish my make up so you have to see my dry lips there.. But well, hope you like this post and get the idea of how this blush looks like on my light to medium skin. Thank you for reading.

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