Saturday, January 23, 2016

Three Looks using Aritaum Water Sliding Tint #12 Fruits Punch

I'm not into Korean lip product since I found most of them not really longstaying on me, some even drying my lips like crazy. You could count my Korean lip products in 3 seconds since I own only a few. I'm not kidding. Lol.. I always want to try all of  them but I never do that, I buy highend brand instead. But this one is different and I'm excited to tell you about this.

This product is from Aritaum and called Water Sliding Tint. The name indicates that it is watery, glides easily, and not too bold/pigmented. 

The packaging is so simple. There is no packaging box, only a plastic seal covering the product. The case is also from hard plastic and feels light. The tip of the lipstick is flat. When you twist the case, you will see that only a little bit product will come out with each twist (and you can hear click sound together with the product coming out). 

They say 1mm of product twisted out with each click, but I guess it is less than that. Be careful not to twist too many times, because once you twist it, it cannot be turned back, not like the usual lipstick that can be twist in and out each time. Normally I only need 1-2 clicks for each application.

The texture is softer than I thought.. I imagine that this will have hard texture like tinted lipbalm, solid and creates sheer color on our lips.. I was totally wrong.. 

It glides easily, so soft and smooth, and quite pigmented. Mine is no 12 Fruit Punch.. In the picture above (the back of my hand), it looks so bold because I push it too hard when I swatch.. But can you imagine it? And the fruity smells is nice too! It is so mouthwatering!! The formula is light and not drying like other tint that I've tried. It last 3 hours without consuming F&B.

I also have no issue on applying this on my lips. From the pictures below, you can see that this is buildable. The first picture is when I dab it lightly on the center part of my lips. I use my middle finger to pick the product and dab it few times to create soft natural ombre looks.. 

The second picture is bolder ombre. Still using finger to create this. Light dab the product directly on lips and blend use middle finger, then pick more products using finger and dab it on the centre of lips.

The third is a normal way to use lippie.. Swipe (twice on this picture) directly to the lips..

Which one you prefer? 

With that price (around KRW9000)? I want to buy all shades available on the market! Sadly I'm on no buy, so maybe next year.. Lol.. Thank you for reading..

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