Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Confession of Makeupholic (Part 1: Lippieholic)

Well, I was sick and quite busy for past few weeks and didn't have time to take pictures or write in blog. But I feel better now, thanks God, I manage to write some discussion (read: confession) here.

Errr, actually writing about this topic is quite hard and embarassing. I was afraid that people will easily judge or they think that this is kind of show off.. Please guys, if you are one of them, just leave this page and don't continue. Positive vibes only.

I wrote in my 2016 Resolution and Empties post (here) that I'm not ready to tell you any number of my make up inventory. I thought that 'maybe someday' when I start to enjoy the process I will confess, sooner or later. I finally changed my mind.

As a makeupholic, it is difficult to pass even a month without buying anything. By saying "Anything", it is not include the thing that has a quick turnover. I definitely buy facial wash, cottonpad, shower gel, in regular basis and I write the note about that, but I don't count it as hoarding as long as the number is still make sense. If I only have a maximum of three items in any category, I don't count it as hoarding too.

From early of the year until today, my only rebellious action is Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette that I've been wanting since October 2015. Please bear with it.. Lol..

From buying countless items per month, I survive almost 2 months with only one purchase.. (Do I need to reward myself?? #excuse #excuse #excuse hahahaha). That's a lot of sacrifice and a lot of heartpain. So far I successfully skip entire spring collection from any brands available locally and internationally. Only makeupaddict will understand how hard it is to scroll through IG and knowing that everyone posting about an item you want and you are fasting.. Lol.. Special mention to my friends who support me through these days.

On my sleepless night, I tried to search motivation from other people doing project pan, pan that palette, project use it up, or anything similar to keep my mind under control. Then, I decided to write this post. Let me be selfish this time, because this post is more about me and maybe not giving any information or benefit to you guys. It is to motivate me to keep on track, to give spirit to continue my no-buy and shopmystash action. I understand if you say that I'm talking about nothing here.

I will reveal my make up collection and this time is only about my lipstick collection. I hope when I post the list, I will not dare to buy anything new anymore because I must be embarashed if my reader and friends know that I am not a strong person, that I don't keep my promise not to buy again.

Well, no more saying, here's the number.. #thesoundsofdrum #parampampampam..

I currently have in total 167 lippies consist of 31 liquid lipstick, 105 conventional lipstick, 28 lipstick pan in a palette, only 3 lipbalm, and no lipliner. From that number, 99 are UNTOUCHED, 41 are more than 95%, 16 are more than 90%, only 11 are less than 90%.

I know some people that have much more than this number and no problem arise. Again please don't judge. Everybody have their own standard, and this number is more than enough for me, because I don't work in beauty industry, I'm not a celebrity, I'm just a normal person living with too much make up to use on and I clearly don't use them well. I need to use them before they gone bad or my money are not well spent.

Impossible to finish them all, but I will do my best to touch the untouched, to bring down the % and maybe finish a few (?).. That's a promise.. Lol..

What do you think? Want to join me?

I will post about other collection as soon as I can.  Thank you for reading

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