Monday, January 4, 2016

Guerlain Rouge G Merveilleux Rose (867)

Holiday season is a busy time for me and my wallet. While I work harder than usual, my wallet is paying harder than usual too. I'm broke! Lol.. This time I managed to only buy my most wanted pieces. In Guerlain case, it must be the Meteorites and the Rouge G lipstick. I was contemplating about the powder but I decided not to buy it since I still have wishlist from another brand. If you curious about the Meteorites, I will post a review just after this post. Stay tuned!

Okay, back to Rouge G. I think this series has the most unique design among all lipstick that I own. While Chanel's RAV closure is already dupeable, I still haven't found another lipstick which has this kind of design like Rouge G.  The difference between the regular and holiday edition is only the holiday edition has pattern on the case while the regular don't.

It feels heavy in my hand, in fact maybe the heaviest lipstick that I have in term of packaging. Therefore it also feels so lux when I take this out for touch up. If you open the cap, it will automatically open the mirror inside the cap. The golden pin is playing role as the lock.

The color is a rosy pink and looks a bit dusty according to me. It is soft enough to be used in the morning and afternoon. This is easily loved and will definitely become my go-to lipstick.

I love the texture of Rouge G. It is so smooth and lightweight but still pigmented and quite long lasting looking at how soft the color that Merveilleux Rose has. It glides smoothly on my lips, sheer at first but buildable. The swatch I provide in this review is a double swipes. It last for more than five hours without F&B consumption. It has moisturizing formula which is so comfortable whole day.

If lipstick is a woman, I would say that Tom Ford has bold, fierce, and daring personality, Dior Addict is the fashionable and flexible one, Marc Jacobs is chic and independent, while this Rouge G is soft and elegant. 

So, officially my favorite lippies formula are now a Fantastic Four. Lol.. Do you have any favorite lippie formula?

Thanks for reading 😊

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