Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron

In 2016, I will start reviewing skincare too. Maybe not as junkie and as detail as make up, but whenever I tested on a skincare, I will try to describe it to you. This Indeed Lab Hydraluron is on rotation for past three months and used daily for the past week.

The tube is made from plastic and has the seal to conceal the product. The design is sleek and quite travel friendly, but like you know, tube is not so sturdy, so make sure if you are travelling, put it inside a safe pouch/case. You don't want it happened like mine, it can't hold the pressure and popping out and the gel is going everywhere from the end of the tube. If you are not travelling, then the tube is more than safe to hold your products till finish. 

It is weighing 1000 times of water, supposed to be easily absorbed and providing a plumper, smoother, and softer feeling on our skin. 

The texture is gel-like and transparant. It feels lightweight and easily absorb like they said. There is no other function other than moisturizing as I notice, but it does the job well. I don't really feel the 'smoother and softer' effect like if I'm using my SK-II Cellumination Essence, but it is still comfortable. You know that bad feeling when your skin suffers dehydration? There is no such feeling after you use Hydraluron.

It leaves no sticky feeling after a minute and not causing break out. It even makes my make up holds longer by 1-2 hours. I'm using it only in the morning, while I use other product at night targeting my skin problem.

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