Thursday, January 7, 2016

Beauty Swap with Winda

My first beauty swap and I'm so excited writting about this..! I never know that Beauty Swap could be this fun. Now let's start with a story of knowing my partner. 

Winda is a fellow Indonesian beauty blogger who active blogging longer than me.. She first started her blog on which now become Congratulations for your new web domain, bae! (Follow her Instagram on : @wind1403). 

We first met on ClozetteID. Yes, we are both Star Clozetters. We know each other from Star Clozetter's Whatsapp, following each other's IG account, then coincidentally featured together in Gogirl! Magazine December 2015 issue together with Jean Milka and Dea Hamdan.

While she lives in Bandung, I lives in smaller city, Kediri, and facing difficulties getting this magazine. Then Winda offered to get this for me and asked whether there is anything else I want. (Isn't she so kind?). Then I said, "let's do a swap". She then replied "Yes, let's do it".

Winda already has few Beauty Swap experience with both international and Indonesian bloggers, so she helped me A LOT in doing this. She explained what is beauty swap and how to do it. She asked me to create the rules (such as the budget, the preference, etc) and make sure that this experience will be memorable to me. She's like my big sister, the one who will take care of you, if you get what I mean. She makes me comfortable all the way.

She's also fast. I mean, with all her busy things around, I couldn't believe she managed to do this thousand times better than me. She wrapped the box nicely with green gift wrap. This supposed to be a Christmas swap and I certainly feels like Christmas.

My first impression when open the box is "What??? She wrapped the things one by one with a green wrap!! I'm so ashamed, I only wrapped few things together with thick bubble wrap. I only think about safety, not the aesthetic of gift wrapping. Stupid me!". 

Second thing, "OMG! How could she do this to me?". While I was amazed of how Winda wrapped each of them nicely and unwrapping them with a happy heart (and regret why I didn't do something better for her), I was counting them. The total is 24 items including the magz. I only put half of the number inside my package for her.

Even my Lizzy could not stop looking at them 😁

The third thing is Winda's thoughful picks. My gift for her is just a bunch of random thing. Got package from her is like winning complete year supply of make up. From the bb cream, cc cream, powder, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelashes, lipbalm, lipgloss, lipstick, blusher, nailpolish. You name it, Winda put all of them inside the package. Even I got some mask and eyecream too. I will write the list of the products in the bottom part of this post.

What I want to say to Winda is thank you for being such a good friend to me. I'm so happy to know you. Without you realize, you teach me so many things. Friendship, hardwork, being on time, being a good mother, and of course how to do beauty swap. Next time I will do much better than this if you still want to have swap with me.. Lol..

1. GOGIRL! Magz December 2015 Issue
2. Beauty Story Magical CC Cream
3. Emina Beauty Bliss BB Cream
4. Silkygirl Skin Perfect CC Color Control 2-Way Foundation #03Natural
5. Emina Bare With Me Mineral Compact Powder #04Ebony
6. Sheercover Duo Concealer Light/Medium Sample
7. Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream Mini
8. Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Mini
9. Etude House Mag Play Nails #ExtremePurple
10. Angel Lashes Arden
11. Etude House Oh m'Eye Line
12. Make Over Shiny Glam Eye Shadow Refill #Sunset
13. Make Over Shiny Glam Eye Shadow Refill #Turquoise
14. Emina Cheeklit #Sugarcane
15. The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex You & Face Blusher #07PinkPeach
16. Emina Oh So Kissable #05CherryPie
17. Make Over Lip Balm #OrangeCrush
18. Make Over Ultra Shine Lipstick #01
19. Hope Girl Milky Balm Lipstick #RD101ChicagoRed
20. Etude House Juicy Pop Tube #3
21. Emina Lip Shine Liquid #CeriseRed
22. Etude House I Need You, Pomegranate! Mask Sheet
23. Etude House Vitamin E Essence Mask Sheet
24. Etude House I Need You, Immortelle! Mask Sheet

If you want to know about my picks for her, kindly check her post here

Thank you for reading..


  1. Hello Lizzy, maaf ya ga kirim apa-apa buat kamu XD

    errr, pujiannya terlalu berlebihan deh.
    aku juga pemalas tapi karena aku suka menulis, maka waktu luangku aku gunakan buat nulis postingan hahahaa

    Semoga semuanya berguna dan cocok sama kau ya Dea :) thank you udah mau swap sama aku. Next time kita swap lagi ya hehehee

    1. Lizzy dapet bungkusnya udah hepi tuh. Hehehe

      Mana ada berlebihan.. Itu truthful. Hahahaha... Bukan dengan maksud bikin kamu ge-er loh.. aku seneng banget swap sama kamu. Sampe sekarang bolak balik buka drawer gregetan sama barang dari kamu. Hehehe