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2016 Resolution and Empties Project (Update 21 Feb 2016)

Warning: Long Post 😁

First Post : Fri, 8 Jan 2016

(That picture is not my empties.. definitely! It's impossible to have a lot of empties in the beginning of the year unless someone pour them in the toilet bowl. But of course they will facing me to death if they want to do something like that. Lol.. That is just my current skincare on rotation, girls. Easy! 😁).

Oh well, I wrote this post in the middle of the night, thinking what are my goals in 2016. Yeah maybe most of people will think about their resolution since December, but I was too busy working so early January is the perfect time to do it for me.

Finally after few nights of thinking, here are some 2016 resolution related to beauty are:

1. No Buy unless I desperately need (or want. Lol) the thing (That should be a product worth a World War III.. Lol) and unless I finished all my review on both old and new product on my stash (Limited edition items are not counted). 

I made a rough draft of my unreviewed collection, it is clearly more than 50 items. Geezzzzz!! Let's count with me. Assume if I write 3-4 reviews per week, I will finish approximately in 14-16 weeks.. That's 4 months of No Buy at minimum. I believe my unreviewed is almost reach 80s or maybe more. And even I counted few products as one, like I have 2 brand new Sephora Lippie but I count them as one. That is why it's seems to be endless guys, I don't want too strict to myself. I should enjoy this, I should write happily about them because this is also for you..

If you follow my page, you will understand that some pictures of some products are not brand new. Yes, I already started since last month. I was thinking about this quite long, but I don't want to start before Holiday Editions are all launch. I'm so bad, you know.. Hahaha.. Last time I feel used product couldn't be reviewed because of it is not so pretty anymore, but now I think that it is okay since my review is remain truthful.

2. Reviewing and posting more often. Since I am a Star Clozetter on ClozetteID and member of few communities, blogging is now not only a hobby, but also a job for me..

3. While last 2 years I choose too many decorative products, in 2016 I want to search for the best skin care and make up base according to my skin condition/concern. So basically you will not see too many new eyeshadow or lipstick as usual. Hope you don't mind.

4. Use them up! I will not do a Project Pan like last year because I want to completely enjoy the process of using my things. The other reason for not doing Project Pan is I don't want to focus only on few items then the other being neglected, my collections need equal attention. If not, they will be jealous on each other. Lol.. But I will track and take notes (maybe some pictures) of emptied pan/bottles/tube/jar or whatsoever.

My resolution are that simple but not that easy, especially no 1. 😱

Last time I updated the empties and project pan in different post each time. In 2016, I don't want to post too many article of empties since I will focusing on product review. So all things related to empties will be updated below.

I will also update if I buy/get new product start from today. I don't have budget or special criteria of hauling. This is just to keep tracking on my buys. I also will not describe anything about the product in this post. If there is a product worth to review, I will definitely post proper review about it unless it is really exceptional maybe I will put few lines here.

I don't have tight rules in this projects. I don't set any special numbers for items that I should finish. Just let it flow and see how far I'm going.

Special Note:
*New Products and Empties starting from Januari 2016. The products ordered or finished in 2015 will not be included in this post.
*The price stated may not be the official price. It depends on where I bought the items. Sometimes I bought them from online shop so the price is definitely higher than counter price).

NEW ITEMS (if there is *, means free products)
1. Hada Labo Foaming Facial Wash 100ml (7/1) IDR 35.900
2. Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash 50gr (7/1) IDR 12.700
3. Petal Fresh Deep Moisturizing Body Wash Soothing Lavender 700ml (7/1) IDR 79.000
4. Leivy Naturally Nourishing Shower Cream Royal Jelly & Honey 1150ml (7/1) IDR 93.300
5. Velvy Goat's Milk Shower Cream Silk & Grape Seed Oil 1000ml (7/1) IDR 63.400
6. Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette, on my wishlist since October 2015 and I have sacrificed all of Spring Edition from whatever brand for this (23/1) IDR 1.050.000
7. JF Lazartique Shampoo 200ml (23/1) IDR 490.000
8. JF Lazartique Shampoo Sample 30ml* (23/1)
9. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for replacing my finished drying cream (14/2) 400.000

Some Morphe Brushes Goodies (2 palettes and 3 brushes), bought since December but just arrived lately (12/1), I won't count the price here since I paid on Dec.

1. Clean & Clear Facial Wash (5/1) IDR 21.000
2. Clinique Superbalanced Powder Make Up (6/1) IDR 470.000
3. Lancome Advance Genifique 7ml (7 /1) IDR 170.000
4. Indeed Labs Hydraluron (11/1) IDR 385.000
5. Fresh Rose Face Mask 20ml (13/1) IDR 195.000
6. Petal Fresh Aloe Body Wash 600ml (14/1) IDR 79.000
7. Dove Damage Solutions Shampoo 320ml (21/1) IDR 36.000
8. Dior Lipglow Coral (21/1) IDR 450.000
9. Dove Conditioner 70ml (22/1) IDR 11.000
10. Clinique Moisture Surge Spray 125ml (22/1) IDR 385.000
11. Sephora Body Lotion Lemon Verbena 190ml (22/1) IDR 170.000
12. Jo Malone Cologne Mimosa & Cardamom 5ml -decant (22/1) IDR 175.000
13. SKII Clear Lotion 30ml (27/1) 150.000
14. Lancome Blanc Expert Purifying Foam 50ml (28/1) 200.000
15. Mario Badescu Drying Cream (29/1) IDR 350.000
16. Dior Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Corr. Creme Sample (29/1) IDR 125.000
17. Dior Nude Air Sample (30/1) IDR 150.000
18. Lancome Advance Genifique 7ml (1/2) IDR 170.000
19. Clinique Dark Spot Corrector 7ml (1/2) IDR 100.000
20. Sephora Cotton Flower Shower Cream 260ml (3/2) IDR 180.000
21. Tarte Maracuja Eye Cream 2.5ml (6/2) IDR 120.000
22. Biore Cleansing Oil 150ml (8/2) IDR 100.000
23. Jo Malone Cologne Orange Blossom 5ml -decant (17/2) IDR 175.000
24. Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash 50gr (18/2) IDR 12.700

Thank you for reading..

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