Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tom Ford Noir Night Sky

After months of waiting, finally Night Sky is mine. When some people said this is too dark and not suitable for daily use therefore this is such a waste buy, I just couldn't hear them. For me this is so pretty and I couldn't wait to lay my hands on it. And some pictures I saw just failed to capture the beauty of this baby, but I don't care. I have trusted Tom Ford will create a gorgeous one.

I have to admit that this color is not everyone's color. Midnight blue will create such a perfect smokey eyes, but some people just not brave enough to pull it out. In reality, I am on that category. So I will not go too bold in this post. I will make this Night Sky wearable for my daily make up.

The design is just like previous Cream and Powder Eye Color. Just like Naked Bronze (review here) and the gank, the case is divided into two parts. The top is for powder and bottom is for cream. The top is in solid black color (while Naked Bronze's is white), and the bottom is transparent so we can see the color of the cream eyeshadow. (Now I have a soulmate for my Naked Bronze. Lol..) I have a bit issue with the black case which so easily capture dirt. You can see the picture above, dirt is visible there although I already swipe it for so many times.

Now here's the inside part of the top compartment, which is the powder eyeshadow. The shimmers are fine enough so we could not see them clearly if there's is no proper lighting nor perfect angle. I tried to capture it under different light and different angle just to show you how actually the shimmers are a lot but sometimes not really show up just because of how fine they are.

The cream eyeshadow is da bomb! As usual the texture is incredibly creamy and so soft. I believe that's the reason why I received the messy looks, while at the store it has a beautiful yummy swirl on the surface. (My friend sent it by mail and I guess the long journey creates a jet lag on the cream. Lol). This also happened to my Naked Bronze (but not to my Soleil Tan de Chanel) that the cream is not in perfect shape when arrived, so this could be a prove of how soft and creamy the texture is.

The cream eyeshadow is superrrrrrr pigmented. This is really a little goes a long way. Only need less that the tip of your cotton bud to create that swatch. The blue makes my heart skips a beat.. 

The powder eyeshadow is a bit dissapointing in texture. It is a bit drier that the one in Naked Bronze so it is impossible to wear it alone. But when you dab it on top of the cream, taaa daaaaa... Night Sky is on your lid.. Midnight blue with a sparkling stars over there.

Cream Eyeshadow
The cream eyeshadow is easy to blend and buildable. Well, not as blue as the one I swatch in my hand because on lid I only put just a little bit product while on my hand is a thick swatch. The color is still a night blue, but it does not show up in picture.

I suggest to build it bit by bit to avoid a punched-face look. Start from the outer and blend it well into the middle of the lid. I think it will go well with other eyeshadow too. Let your creativity take over. Maybe I will try some other looks when I feel better.

Cream + Powder Eyeshadow

The sparkle is really hard to capture. I hope you could still see that. There is no fall out if applying using fingertips. I notice that dabbing lightly for few times with fingertips get better and more natural result than a brush swipe.

I Tried to provide you with different type of shoot to give you better picture of the color. The blurry picture below is my reflection on desk mirror..

What do you think of Night Sky? Does this make you Ooh and Aahh just like I do? Lol.  Thank you for reading.

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