Sunday, November 8, 2015

Gucci Silk Priming Serum

This primer from Gucci Beauty seems like not too popular.. But that time I need a moisturizing primer since I hate to use many layer at day time. The price is quite high but I decided to try.

If you ask me about packaging, Gucci give me a feel of luxurious on this bottle. It is heavy, black with gold letters. The embossing is all over the cap. The box is a typical Gucci beauty, I discuss about this so many times, so I won't talk anymore about this.

The pump is in golden colour and dispense a perfect amount of product. I usually use 1 or 2 pump each time.

The texture is like a thick serum or may I say a super light cream. It blends smoothly to my skin, moisturizing and quick absorbs.

It creates a smoother skin looks but not too extreme difference. It doesn't work like instant magic. You still can see the difference but it won't show up in the picture and not too visible too. It doesn't support make up longevity too.

It is quite moisturize so in my normal days I don't need to use moisturizing cream. It feels so comfortable on my skin and my skin feels softer. If you see the picture below, it gives you the touch of soft healthy glow too.

You will not get something like photoshoped face but you can feel "your skin but better" skin.. I'm confused between to put it under skincare or make up because it seems like the one in between. You decide.. 😊


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