Monday, November 23, 2015

NARS Contour Kit Paloma

Who loves contouring here? Make up technique that helps up to get a better face shape instantly? Honestly I don't really into contouring. I only use them when there is party or something special. Until I met NARS Paloma. Here I'm explaining why..

There are three shades of NARS Contouring Kit. I take the one in Paloma, the middle one. The case is the signature black rubber case with white letters which is sleek and simple. And as always this packaging is easily get dirty.. 

The duo are pink beige and deep rose color. Pink beige (lighter shade) is only half the deep rose in size. The lighter shade is supposed to illuminate the high points of the face while the deeper one is to give definition to our face.

The texture of the lighter shade is much better from the deeper one. Pink beige is quite soft and easy to pick while deep rose's texture is harder and dryer.

But since they are not so pigmented or buttery, the finishing is super natural. It is so easy to apply unlike some other brands that I've tried. This piece is even recommended for newbie. This is the third contouring kit (of four) that I bought and so far this is the easiest if we talk about application. I will never be like a clown no matter how much I apply the powder. (It is buildable to a certain level). It is even suitable for morning/afternoon.

I use pink beige for my triangle area under my eyes and also for the bridge of my nose, bit in my forehead and my chin. Deep rose is used under cheekbone, jawline and outer face.

Personally I now prefer duo contouring kit than contouring palette which consist of 6 or more shades since I'm not a MUA and also I live in country with only two seasons so my skin color would not change that much. But wait a minute! I still need to find the better contouring kit right? So I will bring you another kit soon.. Lol

See ya! Thanks for reading

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