Monday, November 30, 2015

Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Eyeliner Pen

Magic Marc'er from Marc Jacobs do some magic please?? I have small asian eyes that certainly need eyeliner to shape and make them looks bigger. Since I don't usually use contact lens and don't use fake eyelashes everyday, then eyeshadow and eyeliner are my weapon (or maybe you have suggestion for me).

Eyeliner is placing no. 2 of the make up related thing I've been using after face powder. Means that I already wear eyeliner for more than 10 years (since highschool). 

Sadly I'm not that adventurous to try many eyeliners from different brand. I usually stick to only few brands of them. I maybe only tried less than 5 eyeliner pens. That's why I will not comparing this to other brands.

Magic Marc'er is well known for the precision. From a thin line to a super thick line, you just name it. Above is the swatch of medium line, thick line, and thin line. The color is also the blackest black. You will not find any shimmer in this eyeliner. The finishing is not too matte, but also not shiny.

I rarely do thin line, but I heard some friend have good experience with this. The applicator is not as stiff as Stila, that's why you need to be gentle when using this to extend the life span of the tip.

The staying power is incredible. It will not fade with only water. I tried to smudge it but I failed. It stayed all day on me (10-12 hours). The best remover is cleansing oil or waterproof make up remover. (Read about Biore Cleansing oil just before this post).

I also love the gel liner and will post a review about that too next time.. My mother who never use eyeliner even love them too. So stay tuned my dear..  Xoxo

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