Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tom Ford Cooper, John, Julian, Leonardo, Luca, Matthew, and Xavier

Tom Ford is now one of my favorite brand. When they first launched Lips and Boys (long time ago), I quickly ordered 9 of them but unfortunately 2 already sold out. 

Most bloggers did swatch immediately after they received mail, not with a bad blogger like me. I'm struggling to find time to do swatch. And when I have time like today, the lighting is just awful.. It started okay, but when I do lipswatch then the sun was hiding. Oh my!!

All of them have good quality. Some have bold color, some just sheer. Some shimmery some don't. There is one that even creates a metallic finish too. The formula is great and not drying at all. I wear them without any problem. They all glides smoothly and comfortable to use all day. Let's see my bad swatch below. 

Cooper is my most favorite.. Only need 1 swipe to create this pigmented color. It also one of the most longlasting of all 7 pieces. 

John is almost the same with Cooper in pan, only a bit brighter. But actually has a very different color when applied. While Cooper is more dark and satiny, John is softer and much more shimmery. The shimmer is in pink and is visible (there is not too visible on my lipswatch, so I made another comparison).

Julian is the one that is most different between the pan and the swatch. I think it is following my natural lip color. While in pan it is like a mauve or a bit greyish, on my lips it appear more like a super soft pink. 

Leonardo is a beautiful red. It is as pigmented as Cooper and I love it. I feel that it also brighten my looks instantly.

Luca creates metallic finish. The true color is more like a sheer and soft color that will appear following our natural lip color. I think Luca is kind of Lipstick Topper that will go well with any other color.

This is the worst swatch of all 7. It just does not show the true beauty of Matthew. In fact Matthew is more to coral than pink. Please refer to swatch on my hands to see the real color. 

Xavier is good reddish purple. Not as dark as the color in the pan but it does make a statement. And it is one of the most longlasting too..

Any of them is also your favorite?? Thank you for reading and have a nice day. See you.. 

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