Sunday, November 8, 2015

Gucci Luxe Finishing Powder

Ah, this one is another Gucci Beauty.. It is about Luxe Finishing Powder. It is supposed to be a handy sized to slip into handbag, creates flawless finish on the go, satin like texture, absorb excess oil, and control shine.

Packaging is so nice, the one that you want to take out from your bag in public. The case is in black color with gold belt and double-G logo on top. The size is not that small until you can't feel bringing it, but still manageable to carry around inside your bag.

It comes with velvety pouch with iconic Gucci pattern to protect the case from dirt and scratch.

Inside got a double compartments. On top we find the powder and below the tray we finds the brush. I'm thankful that there is place to put the brush inside.

The brush itself in the form like fan brush is quite soft and did the job well.. 

Look how pretty the embossing on the powder. Actually I don't really like this kind of embossing on Gucci bag since it is too crowded. But somehow this embossing looks so good on pan. I need months to set my heart ready to dip my brush. Lol.

The powder weights 11.5g and mine in shade Medium 030. I have fair to medium skin. I usually use no 20 in foundation but prefer no 30 in powder since it looks more natural on me.

This powder is not a super pigmented or high coverage one. We need to apply foundation (and concealer) to create a flawless look.

Texture is smooth and mild, it blended well with my skin. Very good in mattifying and oil control. It blurs my inperfection and not make my pores more visible. It is not cakey but sadly not buildable.

For oil control it works up to 6 hours before my Tzone appear little bit oily. But on the rest of my face area, this powder works well for 8-9 hours.

The powder is so soft that it is picked up so easily using the brush provided. There will be so much product picked in one stroke, so make sure be lighthanded.

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