Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Balm Manizer Sisters

When The Balm launched the Manizer Sisters palette, I was just like "Oh, okay I could easily skip this since I have all full size already".  For you who are still searching for great highlighters, please consider this palette instead of buying all full size.

Why should I say that? Because they are incredibly pigmented and light hand is a must. Therefore this product won't finish that soon. With that many highlighters and bronzers I have, I would definitely go for the palette if I don't have any of them yet.

To help you decide whether to get it or not, I pulled out my old collection of this trio just to show you some swatch. I will not do a super long  and detail review since my fellow beautybloggers have raved about them so much that there will not be something new to talk about.

Each of them contains 8.5g of goodness

This is not a new product, sorry for the mess..

Actually these three are multi tasking products.. But I rarely use them beside for highlighter and bronzer.

Mary Lou Manizer

Don't worry, the new product won't look like this. Mine had been broken while shipping and the best I can do is to repress it. I don't use alcohol since I'm afraid it will affect the quality.

Mary Lou is a golden and shimmery highlighter. It is the most shimmery of all three and very pigmented. Just a light stroke of a brush will create a beautiful and bold highlight on your cheekbone. Sometimes I use it in inner corner of my eyes.

Cindy Lou Manizer
While Mary Lou will be great in almost all skin tone, I think Cindy Lou will be perfect for those who have fair skin tone. This is also a highlighter and the result is more subtle and soft than Mary Lou. The shimmer is softer and less glowing than Mary Lou. It is more to pink glow and actually this one has a very good quality too.

Betty Lou Manizer

Betty Lou for me act as a bronzer whenever I need an extra glow on my face. It also contains shimmer, so I pair it with matte foundation/powder. It is also pigmented and blendable. Sometimes I use this as eyeshadow too.

All three of them are very good in pigmentation texture, blendable and long lasting. It will last more than 6 hours in my easily sweating skin before fading. Remember that lighthand is a must! All of them are soft enough so they will be picked up easily by your brush.

But these three are super fragile, especially Mary Lou. I hope The Balm will include some protector inside the box or maybe a sponge to protect the powder.

No accessories included in the package. To apply Mary Lou and Cindy Lou, I love using my tappered highlighter brush from Sigma and for Betty Lou I love using any contour or blush brush.

Thank you for reading..

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