Friday, March 13, 2015

Some Make Up Looks using Project Pan Items

As you know, I have made myself engaged in a project pan. I chose 15 make up related items to finish by this year. So it means that I have to use that 15 items daily till the last swipe. After my Dior Fluid Sample finished last week, I don't have lipstick in the list. So I rotate some of my old collection to use with the rest of project pan buddies. I pick 3 different looks this weeks. Let me show you.

1. Only with Clinique Lip Balm
This balm is include in the list. So with or without lipstick is no difference for me, I still use this like crazy. For this week make up at home I prefer to use this balm without any additional lipstick. It does make your lips appear to be more pink since it comes in pink colour. I mean a good natural pinkie lips

2. Marc Jacobs Surrender Dorothy
First time use this lippie and I'm in love. I love the bright orange color on this shade. The texture and pigmentation is nice. Can't wait to try another shades next week. I promised to use all my untouched, so another MJ lippie is on my list.

3. Sephora Rouge Infusion Red Essence
Include in Sephora Puckerlicious, this comes in travel size. I don't like the packaging and I don't have confidence to go out wearing this color. But I am too lazy today, so I grabbed the first thing on my sight. Texture okay. Smell okay. Long lasting. Price not too expensive. Overall it is a good one

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