Tuesday, March 3, 2015

100 Empties Project - Plus the First Update

This project was starting around 2 weeks ago. I didn't plan to write about this so I did not write the exact date. But since it becomes soooo exciting, I decide to name this a "100 Empties Project".

So basically this is the sub project of Buy Less Use More resolution that I wrote just now. The goal is absolutely to clean up 100 beauty products in my stash. I think this is the right thing to do. Even when I finish the 100 products I will still have many and this is insane. Normal people will have maximum 50 products in total.

The products can be anything related to beauty. It can be make up, skincare, soap, shampoo, hairmask, body lotion, perfume, facemask, body scrub or anything related. IT CAN BE IN ANY SIZE. Yess, sachet and sample size is included..

I'm doing good so far and have emptied 20 items since the project started. 20 items in 2 weeks!!! I'm proud of myself. So, here's the list of the first 20 empties out of 100..

1. NYX Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown. This is my daily eyebrow pencil (got 2 backups on this)

2. Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er in Blacquer. It is my go to eyeliner. I still have Stila All Day  Waterproof Eyeliner Pen so will not repurchase for now. (There's ABH Dipbrow Pomade, it is just a hit pan, not empty. Please ignore)

3. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray.. This is one of my favorite face spray. It keeps my skin moisturized and even reduces my skin burns.. Tried this product almost 5 years ago and have fallen in love eversince.. I think this is the second full size bottle emptied and lots of minis (they always pamper me with some minis and mini spray is always include in Clinique bonus. I'm working on the mini now)

4. Dancoly Hair Mask Sachet, forget to take picture and directly throwing it away, I'm so sorry 😯. The result is okay, but I prefer my Kerastase Hair Mask.

5. Sephora Bath Capsule Lagoon and it is not my scent. I don't like at all. This is my second bath capsule, the first one is Cotton Flower and I love love love it really much and will def repurchase (finish Cotton Flower long before this project so no picture of it)

6. Artistry Ideal Radiance Illuminating Moisturizer. After like a week you will see your skin brighter. It supposed to be twice a day, but I prefer using it night only because of the texture too moisturize that it causes my make up breaking.

7. Clinique Facial Wash. HOLY GRAIL. I finished countless bottles of this.

8. Bath and Body Works Sleep Lavender Chamomile Body Wash. It is huge bottle compares to their signature collection. Smells okay, find the other scent (Eucalyptus) has more effect of relaxing on me (finished that half year ago). It quite moisturizes your skin. I just hope that they will come with pump.

9. Skin79 Seaweed Cooling Mask. It's cooling, calming, and refreshing. Use it whenever I feel tired and need to pamper myself with something good. Finished my second jar and will soon open the third one after finishing two other masks.

10. Aromatheraphy Candle in Blueberry. Forgot the brand, bought it from a home and living shop. Smell good at first lit, and nothing at second. I'm regreting I bought a lot. It's 3 piece in a pack and I bought 4 packs!! But it's good for decoration, candle light dinner, special occasion or something like that.

11. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter.. It's my routine to use body butter before sleeping (especially in legs and toes and heels) to avoid skin dehydration. It's easier to get body butter emptied than body lotion or body cream or perfume. TBS is my 3rd favorite brand after Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works.

12. Lancome Energie De Vie Sample Size. Immediate Result!! Love this! There is a tingling/burning sensation but in good way. My skin adapt to it on the third use, so it is not an allergic.. I see my skin brighter and recharged.

13. Clinique Take The Day Off Sample Size. It is good product but I prefer L'oreal than this. L'oreal has a good result too in removing waterproof make up and it is definitely good for your wallet.. I don't say this is bad product, it is about saving money after all 💸💸💸..

14. Hugo XX. I remember my college friend helped me to choose it. And my boyfie (now hubby) said this scent suits me well.. This is not a calm or sweet scent. Just like my personality, I have no calmness or sweetness in me 😀😁😃

15. Lavielash Tink. Been used this 4 times and sad that I have to throw it  away. I'm in love with this and def repurchase along with other types.

16. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I'm using DDMG since in college. Just using this sample when my skin in super dry condition, take me months to finish.

17. Bath and Body Works Carried Away Lotion. Won't repurchase since not really loving the smell (I'm an online shoppers, sometimes I just read people's review then we are not the same 😁).

18. Another BBW Lotion in Travel Size. Sweet Pea is my top pick from their whole collection. Repurchase only when all other bottles here gone and it is a long way to go 😅

19. Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Lotion. My first love with VS beauty began with this lotion. It's my all time favorite and same case with BBW Sweet Pea, won't repurchase till I finished all my other lotions.

20. That blue unbrand bottle is actually VS Secret Charm Lotion, moved from the original bottle because I'm sharing with my mom and I gave her the ori bottle. Now you can say I'm a body lotion junkie. I'm tending to use one until it almost finish (5-10% remaining) then try a new one and forgetting the old one). So that's the explaination I can finish 4 bottles in a week..

I'm done my first twenty and soon will be blogged about more empties. STAY TUNED BABES..

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