Friday, March 6, 2015

100 Empties Project - UPDATE 2

I couldn't wait until number 40 or 50 to show you more empties. I'm so excited (and I want to throw them away so badly and make space to my vanity/bathroom rack). So I decided to include only 15 empties for this post. Let the empties begin 😀

21. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 75ml
My favorit essence so far. Indeed makes my skin more glowing. It also refining my skin texture and help my skin to absorb my skincare better. Have back up on this but will keep it untouched till I finish few more bottles

22. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 14.7ml
Hated it when using it for the first time since it couldn't cover my imperfections. But as my skin getting better and better each day, I start loving this product. (thanks to this project, I have paid a lot of attention on skincare). I think I like it better than CC cream and will repurchase in the future (after finishing some foundie of course). It provides natural glow, it's perfect for me.

23. L'occitane Milk Extra Gentle Soap
This is actually hotel amenities in one of Singapore hotel. My dad brought home (a lot) for my mom then I'm asking for some (I'm a greedy girl 😁). Like any other natural products, there is no such "smell so good", but I believe using natural product will bring long term good effect.

24. Oriflame Divine EDT Vial
I don't like the smell. It's just a sample and I couldn't believe keeping this for years. Finally it's gone now..

25. Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser
Does nothing to me. And have to throw it away due to hygiene issues..

26. Dior Addict Fluid Stick Sample
Gorgeous color. It's worth the hype and the price. If someone gave it for free (I won't talking about buying 😁), my pick would be Aventure. People around me love Wonderland the most but sadly it will be my last pick for all 4 colours. It just doesn't suit me well.

27+28. Pola Signs Solution Eye Zone Mask
My eyes shows some sign of fatigue lately so decided to use twice a week. 1 sachet contains a pair of mask sheets and it feels okay. Haven't seen a big difference but I feel less tired the next morning.

No 29-34 are actually hotel amenities. When I was a child, the first thing I do when entering a hotel room is go to the bathroom and pick all the amenities provided, keep it in my bag and bring them home, just to display in my own bathroom.

As I grow older, I'm not that embarassing anymore. I still keep hotel amenities but only when I feel that journey has to be remembered. Like Majapahit Hotel is when I'm doing my prewedding photoshoot and Jambuluwuk is when we are doing family outing (it's first time in 10 years if I'm not mistaken). But then I feel keeping amenities is not the right thing, that moment will still be remembered well even without any amenities. 😄

Some people will think that I'm cheating to include hotel amenities as my empties. But let's take a moment to reconsider it:
- Keeping hotel amenities is considered junkie? YES
- Keeping hotel amenities causing your room/drawer/rack/shelf full? YES
- Are you paying for those? YES (of course it is included in hotel room rate)
- Refer to number 23. L'occitane is also hotel amenities but I think nobody will  complain about it. Is it because L'occitane is pricey? Remember that all of them are amenities? YES
- Does it take time to finish them all? YES. Even some of them need to use twice or three times to finish. No difference with any sachet or sample from Sephora or so.

So I think that would be unfair to not include them in this project. Hope you agree with me 😊

29+30. Nature Mint Toothpaste (forget where they are from)
Can be used up to 3x per piece

31+32. Conditioning Shampoo from Majapahit Hotel Surabaya
Pair it with Kerastase hair mask and hair serum and feel no difference with my other shampoo. Only 1x use per bottle.

33+34. Liquid Soap from Jambuluwuk Hotel
Since I'm using body lotion after bath it is no big deal about the soap. No drying or bad fragrance. Quite happy with it. Can be used up to 3x per bottle.

35. Moporie Charcoal Tea Tree Soap (not in the picture)
I have ever post in my instagram when I first received this soap. This is handmade product from local brand. Really good for oily skin and helps reduce acne. Made from natural ingredients and it's black! I don't know why, but it's so cool to use black soap. Hahaha.. A little goes a long way. I cut it into many pieces so that it won't be gone easily. Can be used for all over body but I prefer to use it for face only.

Thank you for reading and hope it helps!

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