Sunday, March 8, 2015

Project Pan Progress 2

Start : 4 March 2015
Update 2 : 8 March 2015

I decided to update it every weekend. I know it hasn't been a week yet, but I'm afraid I won't have time to update on weekdays. Okay, let's see what I have achieved in 5 days..

1. Clinique Blended Face Powder
Start at 30%, now is 20% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : You can see big difference in the amount of powder. Will be finished in maximum 2 weeks from now.

2. Skin79 All Day Sun Powder
Start at 45%, now is 43% remaining
Use : 4 times
Note : No signs of emptying. Finishing powder always took ages to finish!

3. Clinique Derma White Foundation
Start at 50%, now is 48% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : No big difference

4. The Balm Mary-Loumanizer
Start at 92%, now is 92% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Told ya! Maybe 2 years to see the pan. Hahaha.. And because I have to repress it on regular basis, there will be no signs of dipping 😅

5. Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
Start at 30%, now is 25% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Will finish soon maybe in 2 weeks.  Feel that it is more difficult to pick the cream.

6. Guerlain Meteorites Base Pink
Start at 40%, now is 15% remaining
Use : 3 times
Note: Will finish in 2 days. Getting more difficult to pump since it almost finished, have to knock it on the table before each pumping. It should be finished today, but always forget to use it. Just remember after using foundie. Hahaha..

7. Oriflame Pure Colour Eyeshadow Netral
Start at 90%, now is 89% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Using the left side more often than the right one. Can you see the difference in number 5 and 7??? This is so exciting!! Of course I'm gonna show you more in next update.

8. Etude House Peach Blush
Start at 40%, now is 39% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Small signs of wearing. You can see the pan appeared slightly bigger than when the project started. I'm in love with this blush. Really. BUT I'm dying to wear my other blushes too 😧

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Ebony
Start at 80%, now 79% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Definitely a bigger pan!

10. NYX Liquid Illuminator Gleam
Start at 40%, now is 38% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Can't see through the packaging. So I'm assuming it decreases by 2%. Wear this after foundie and before Clinique powder. The powder helps to cover imperfection and this cream makes Etude blush go stronger. Forget about my complaint at the beginning. Let's enjoy wearing this cream! It has to be going with the right 'friends'..

11. Make Up Forever Aqua Cream shade 16
Start at 68%, now is 65% remaining
Use : everyday
Note: big pan showing! Hit pan only a day after the project started

12. NYX Slide On, Glide On Black Sparkle
Start at 60%, now is 60% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Sharpened 1x and it is on the 'O' of 'ON' now

13. Clinique Balm Lipstick
Start at 40%, now is 10% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Wearing it like crazy. In the mornings, at nights, and sometimes in between. My lips touched the case already and it feels unpleasant, so starting from today I will be using my Elf Retractable lip brush. Of course this balm will be gone soon.

14. Dior Fluid Stick Sample
Start at 35%,  FINISHED (6 Mar 15)

15. Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Green
Start at 50%, now is 48% remaining
Use : Everyday
Note : focusing on finishing this mascara. The good thing about this mascara is it's easy to get removed. Only few swipes and it's gone completely. I hate mascara that difficult to remove and make my eyes like panda.

STRUGGLE : No big deal in first week. Only that I want to use other blushes so baaadd, but it's okay though, I can do this and I have to finish the project I started.

CHEATING : I didn't use any product other than the one stated in the list! I didn't wear lipstick for 2 days, only that Clinique lipbalm


I appologize there is CHANGE OF RULES

The one that is not suitable for me is replacing the finished product with a new one. I think it is better to finish all 15 products then only we start with another batch of project pan.

That's all I could share in this update. I will be sharing soon my looks when wearing my project pan products.. Have a nice weekend my friends

* Pic with insert : big pic is update, insert is original photo taken when the project started
* Pic side by side : left is original photo, right is update

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