Saturday, March 14, 2015

Project Pan (Update 3)

Start : 4 March 2015
Update 2 : 8 March 2015
Update 3 : 14 March 2015

Updating now since I can't do it tomorrow. I have full job to do so can't take picture or write in blog. 😊

1. Clinique Blended Face Powder
Start at 30%, now is 10% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Almost there!!!!

2. Skin79 All Day Sun Powder
Start at 45%, now is 40% remaining
Use :  everyday
Note : Still nothing. 😥

3. Clinique Derma White Foundation
Start at 50%, now is 45% remaining
Use : 5x
Note : I couldn't believe I have 5 other foundations to finish. This is so wrong. Hahaha.. Didn't wear foundie today.. Let my skin breath because tomorrow I would have a long day with full make up at work.

4. The Balm Mary-Loumanizer
Start at 92%, now is 91% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : See the arrow! Finally some signs of wearing.. Still, long way to go..

5. Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
Start at 30%, now is 18% remaining
Use : 5x
Note : almost finish! Wait one or two more weeks

6. Guerlain Meteorites Base Pink
Start at 40%, FINISHED
Use : 1 times
Note: Last update I wrote it could be used for 2 more times. From the amount of the pearl, yes it is correct to assume 2x. But in reality I only could use it for 1x. Then after that, I pumped NOTHING despite there are still some pearls inside. I am the one who always finish something till the last drop. It drives me insane trying to pump it out. Finally I gave up and throw it away, considering it is finished.

7. Oriflame Pure Colour Eyeshadow Netral
Start at 90%, now is 88% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Depotted on March 11. Moved to my new Z Palette. Some damaged to the powder especially number 7, the one I'm currently panning. I already use a lot before that depotting incident happened. (See no 5 for comparison). There are some scratch too in number 1, 6, and 8. But it is no big deal. (Read my story about My First Z Palette).

8. Etude House Peach Blush
Start at 40%, now is 37% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Some scratch when depotting but not much. Nothing too damaged. I used a lot of this blush. See the powder in the bottom left! And other sides show wider pan too!!

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Ebony
Start at 80%, now 78% remaining
Use : 5x
Note : No bigger pan since I'm start using the surface

10. NYX Liquid Illuminator Gleam
Start at 40%, now is 36% remaining
Use : 5x
Note : Try to find how much is the remaining cream. Still got a lot! 😆

11. Make Up Forever Aqua Cream shade 16
Start at 68%, now is 62% remaining
Use : 5x
Note: Picture speaks for itself!

12. NYX Slide On, Glide On Black Sparkle
Start at 60%, now is 59% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Sharpened 1x and it is on the 'N' of 'TURN' now

13. Clinique Balm Lipstick
Start at 40%, now is 7% remaining
Use : everyday
Note : Took longer than expected. I didn't know that I have to use another 1cm before I could see the pan.

14. Dior Fluid Stick Sample
Start at 35%,  FINISHED (6 Mar 15)

15. Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Green
Start at 50%, now is 45% remaining
Use : 5x
Note : When the UDPP finished, I will throw this mascara together with it. The texture is not as good as it was.

STRUGGLE : Not as hard as first week since I am now allowed to use any lipstick that I want after finish that Dior Sample. But for 4 days of 6 days I wear only my Clinique Balm without any lipstick 😁

CHEATING : I didn't use other products except for lipstick. I used Marc Jacobs Surrender Dorothy and Sephora Red Essence. (Read my Looks using Project Pan Things)



* Pic with insert : big pic is update, insert is original photo taken when the project started
* Pic side by side : left is original photo, right is update

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