Friday, March 13, 2015

100 Empties Project - UPDATE 3

Here's another 15 empties so far.. Finding it more difficult since most products are still full. It definitely takes longer than finishing previous items. But I still believe I would finish this by end of July, maybe faster.

36. Alcazar Magic Pearl Milk Scrub - Pure Milk
It is in Pure Milk scent but I smell some fruity fragrance which is soooo nice. I do love the result too. My skin feel so soft after using it. I just have to be more careful since this scrub is rough. We don't want to scrub to hard with this.

37. Tony Moly Egg Pores
Does nothing to me. The only thing I love is the packaging. It is like a cracking egg and it is so cute. I could use the case to put my paperclips.. 😁

38. The Body Shop Sparkling Apple
I tend to not using things that someone special gave to me because I value it too much and afraid that it would be finish. Like this one is from my hubby (was boyfriend). But as time goes by, the scent is fading too. I had to finish this before it is going bad.

39. Victoria's Secret Lost in Fantasy Body Cream
Another body product. After finishing some lotions last round, I am proud to finish this one too. Will post another lotion in next round.

40. The Soap Corner Brush Best Friend
It is great. Local brand with a quality. My only complaint is the smell. Because of it brings natural ingredients, there is part of the scent that I don't like. Considering to repurchase.

41. Etude House Broccolli Mask
Cool. Refreshing. 1 sachet for 3x use. I have to store in fridge and not forget to use it up. I have ever forgotten to use and months passed and I threw it away because I'm afraid it get contaminated (it is not a skincare fridge, it got fruit, veggie, milk etc inside). Hope that it would come with the size for 1x use per sachet.

42. ROC Sunblock SPF50
I love this product and have one more tube as back up. I have use this since I was in junior high school. My skin is sensitive to sunblock and some products leave burning sensation to my skin, but this one is not. I found Clinique Even Better is useable for me too and now in progress of finishing.

43. Pola Eye Mask
Another Pola Eye Mask. Will finish entire stock in April.

44. Candle Green Apple
Better than the Blueberry (review on update 1). Will finish my BBW candle next.

45. SK-II Lotion Sample
Comes in a set with FTE 75ml and mask. Tried to finish all my samples. It is okay, but I still prefer my Clinique lotion.

46. Guerlain Meteorites Pink Base Sample
One of my favorite face primer.

47. Tarte Maracuja Oil
Bought this because of some skin break out. Since my skin is in good condition, using this is actually not so enjoyable. The oil feeling, you know. Maybe I'll thinking about this when my ages reach late 30s. Hahaha..

48. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray Travelsize
Told you how much I love this spray. Now is time to use another regular size. 😃

49. Clinique Micro Motion C Serum
It supposed to work on dark spots. My husband said my dark spot a little bit fading. It is working slowly but I guess nothing instant is good. Considering to repurchase.

50. Oriflame Nature Secret
It is a bonus from Oriflame. Put this inside my storage and forget it for about a year. Was cleaning my house last week and found this hidden treasure. It's okay but I have many soap that I love more than this.

In fact I finished more hotel amenities but I decided not to count them this time since I want to make it more challenging and to show you more different products. Just to remind me, I finished 2 bathfoam, 1 bathsoap, 2 shampoo, and 1 toothpaste.

For the rest 50 items will be slower than this. So I will update it each 10 items finished.

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