Friday, March 13, 2015

My First Z Palette

This is the first time to do make up depotting. I have done it on March 11 but didn't have time to write on blog.

I'm sorry because of my unprofessionality I forget to capture my tools and the products before they were depotted..

I'm not the kind of person to move something from where it should be. I mean I actually don't like the idea of depotting my make up from the original palette. For me, it lost the beauty after we move it to another empty palette.

For this case, I picked some make up with packaging that I don't really love. (I definitely WOULD NOT depotting my Chanel or my Dior or Guerlain or any medium to high end products). I only depot cheap and low end products which are just a few left now.

So here they are :


1. Oriflame Pure Color Eyeshadow Neutral

One of my Project Pan Items. I hate that it doesn't fit into just one row. And eyeshadow number 8 have to be put under Menard Trio. I tried to put number 8 under no 1, not good. Then move under number 7, also not good. Tried to move number 7 and 8 in the second row, I don't like.

It is too messy for the rest of products from other brands. I love being well organized and my Z Palette is no exception. I see most people don't care about how they arrange their Z Palette and just put everything inside without organizing as long as they fit into the palette and it makes me frustrated. Some people will think that I do unnecessary thing. But I DO care! If I want to move something from their original place, it better be a better place. 😊

I choose this one because it should be gone by this year. I'm panning it slowly. So it is okay for me to move it from original case since the case is not so pretty too.

2. Etude House Peach Blush Powder

Another Project Pan thing. The original case is actually okay. Only you can see the ages from the scratch on the case. It is one of the oldest blush I have and I have brought it everywhere in the past. Hahaha

The original case got the pan itself and there is also place for fan brush under the pan, so it quite bulky. Now I never use the brush since it is not soft anymore. I hope to finish this soon. I guess she found a better home now.

3. Menard Trio Eyeshadow

I don't like the packaging. It reminds me of the elder make up from yearsss ago. Hahaha.. In reality, the quality of the eyeshadow is good. The color is nice too. The only complaint is the packaging. I'm happy to move this into my Small Z.

4. Etude Mono Eyeshadow

The original case was damaged when I accidentally dropped it and it can't be clicked again. To move it is a good idea. Plus it gives my Z a colorful look!


I never do depotting before and I'm to lazy to watch on youtube since my internet connection is not so friendly with me.
At first I only use my aromatheraphy candle and a tweezer to do this.

Unfortunately a tweezer didn't work well and it causes some damage to the powder. Show you in the picture. So I pick a Safety Pin and use it to pick out the pan. It works well. But it's too late, some damage already happened.

The big damage is on Oriflame pan number 7. I did the best that I can to save it. I repressed the powder that was out from it back to the pan. I lost some powder from this pan but I think it is no big deal. Nothing is perfect on the first try right?

Another damages are just small damage like only small scratch to the powder. And the good news is most of the products are perfectly moved without any damage. Now I'm a happy girl!

Thank you for reading and I will show you this palette on my project pan update. See you!!

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