Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Project Pan Rules

The newest project I'm doing is Project Pan. Been seing many beauty blogger/vlogger doing this and I'm interested to join for the sake of my Buy Less Use More Resolution.

There are many types of Project Pan that I know, but the goal is all the same : to use the product before it's expired/going bad, to change your shopping habit, to clear your stash, and so on. And I think this project will help me a lot in this case!

I copied some rules from few other bloggers and made my own rules. Everyone is not the same, so I made rules that is not being a burden for me. Enjoying is the most important part in achieving your goal. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THE PROCESS, otherwise you will mostly failed.

Let me share you my rules


Everyone in Project Pan should do this. It helps to recognize how far you're being a junkie and it helps you to take decision of not buying something new unless you NEED that because, of course, you now realize how many you have in a number. Not only 'Ooh I have a lot' or 'I have too many'. Instead you will say 'Dior come up with the new foundie, but I still have 8 bottles that I need to finish'. Well for me that's a lot of difference.

It DOES take lot of time counting your collection when you have grow it like crazy. It happens to me. I have just finished the summary last night at midnight. Starting over is always difficult but I'm enjoying to go through all my babies once again while counting.

The unique rules of counting (I think some beauty bloggers who come up with this idea are genious. Thanks girls for sharing your tips). You're NOT counting your palette. YOU ARE counting your pan. If the eyeshadow palette consist of 8 colours then  you will count it as 8 pans, not 1 palette. Same case with blush palette or mixed palette. Like Tarte Pin Up Girl is considered 5 blush. And about mixed palette like Guerlain Petrouchka you will write 5 eyeshadows and 4 blushes.

The classification is up to you. I want to keep it simple for now (I will be more detail next time). I decide to be honest, so I'm sharing the count too..  I divide it into :
a. Basic Face (Liquid) : 8 (liquid foundie, bb cream, cc cream)
b. Basic Face (Powder and Compact) : 12 (powder foundie, loose powder, compact powder, finishing powder)
c. Face Primer : 6
d. Eye Primer : 2
e. Lip Primer : 1
f. Concealers : 2
g. Cheek Products : 70 (highlighter, blush, bronzer)
h. Lips Products : 81 (lipliner, lipstick, liquid lipstick, lipgloss, lipbalm, lipstain)
i. Mascara, Eyeliners, and Brow : 32
j. Eyeshadow (in Pan) : 250
k. Contour Kit : 3 (cream and powder)

The total is more than 450 items only on make up. (467 to be exact). It is not include skincare, bodycare, hair products etc. So now you know that I have a problem and have to fix it.

2. TAKE 10 PRODUCTS (in my case is 15) YOU WANT TO FINISH.

I'm doing good in skincare and body care (see my 100 Empties Project), so all my 15 items will be from make up department. It's your choice if you want to mix with body lotion, hair products etc. I'll show you mine in next post


I cannot stick to same products for long since I'm easy to feel bored with make up. If I have to use the same exact eyeshadow in a month, no doubt this project won't last long. It won't even reach half way.

I will excuse myself for a day in a week (just for a day) and free to use 3 other products that are not in the list. Just for a day! It is like a diet, you have to release your stress from using the same products over and over again.

4. TAKE PICTURE of your products in the beginning and then update for weekly or monthly.

It's okay when there is no sign of progress, don't feel bad. You have to enjoy the process. We are doing it slowly but sure. Otherwise you will try to use too much of the products. We don't want to be a clown. Use it like usual.


When one item in the list is finished, you are free to replace with any of other products you want to finish next. But remember to keep them balance. You don't want to have too many blushes or too many eyeshadows or too many lipstick in the list. It will slow down your progress and you will end up in frustation.

6. Don't forget to TAKE NOTE.

Everything in between. Either it is a success, a difficulty, or a failure, just be true to your self. It will get easier each time.


Each 15 empties, you are deserved a reward. Make it simple and make it cheap. A little cake will do. It can't be more than $5 or IDR50.000. Share it too in your blog or socmed account. We are not only sharing struggles, we are sharing happiness. 😀


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  1. This is great! I am going to start one as well. I have one too many lipsticks