Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Buy Less Use More Projects

This is getting out of control!! Since I was purchasing everything I want, my make up stash is growing fast in only a year.. Then I made 2015 resolution Buy Less Use More in the early of the year.

I didn't take it too serious like I have to be in no buy. I just want to make it fun and not suffering myself. So my only goal was to reduce the amount of new things I buy..

Now I'm gonna share you what I'm doing to make me stay on track ( I wrote this on my instagram too with a little update here)..

1. I'm taking pictures of my untouched and post it so that I always remember I have LOTS of products to use and it stops me from buying the new one (I have passed many collection launched in January and February. IT WORKS!!). I limit my untouched post to be only 30 items and finished it already (I have more IRL 😅)..

2. I take out products that I want to finish by this year (hit pan at least 😁) so everytime I'm doing make up, they will be on my sight and it increases possibility for them being chosen.. It doesn't mean I abandon the others. I still pick one or two from my drawers sometimes..

3. I made yearly budget for make up and I am not gonna exceeding that number.. I'm still a junkie yes I am. I couldn't do no buy in a year. So I just wrote in my diary number 1 to 15. I won't purchase more than 15 make up products in a year (not including toilettries). I did badly this two months and already purchase 4 items. I have to stop buying now if I want to buy holiday edition that definitely will be tempting).

4. I'm engaged in 100 empties project. Will write the detail in other post. (Been running for 20 empties now)

5. I'm also doing project pan. Will also post the list of products and the detail soon. (I'm starting today)

Below pictures :  you can see my messt vanity, some untouched, some old buddies I tried to use again

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