Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tarte Holiday 2014 Pin Up Girl vs 2016 Color Wheel

Who can resist Tarte Holiday this year? I definitely need to get this Color Wheel for sure. So as soon as it was available for presale, I asked my friend in Singapore to get it for me.

I can't do detail review about it due to my hectic schedule so I can't try them one by one on my cheeks, but I will share swatches of them and also comparison to the 2014 edition.

I passed on last year edition because I personally think they are identical. Not totally same but you get what I mean. I also passed on the four-shades blush palette. As you can see that 2014 still in the 99℅ condition, any normal person will agree that I don't need another blush palette. 

But this 2016 palette consist of 10 deluxe shades in super affordable price! How good is that! If you don't believe me, you can check the single blush price at Sephora and I'm sure you will say that this is an awesome deal.

Plus Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes is one of the best blushes out there. It lasts whole day! Really I'm not kidding and I'm not the only one saying that. The quality is one of the best and this brand is cruelty and paraben free. It's even gluten free. I love Tarte! See the ingredients and details in the back of the box.

If the 2014 (and 2015) edition is 5-shades of blushes in rectangular shape placed side by side, the 2016 edition is a 10 shades wheel. When you open it, there are 5 shades in each side. 

The 2014 (which called Pin Up Girl because it includes 2 vintage hair pins) has 4.5g / 0.158oz x 5 shades net wieghts, while the 2016 (Color Wheel) has 2.4g / 0.084oz x 10. In my opinion, because of the color range the 2016 edition has better value than previous edition.

The 2014 case is so pretty but it is so bulky that I find it difficult to store. The 2016 case is more compact and not taking so much space. The 2014 has huge mirror but 2016 does not.

The other different thing is the name of each shade. The Pin Up Girl has the shade names printed on the plastic that covering the products, so when you want to use the product, you will take out the plastic and the name will not be seen on the palette (I don't know if this is important for you). The Color Wheel has the name printed on the case near each shade. The plastic attached to the case, I believe you can take it out if you want to but I prefer this way. I think the plastic will protect the product from the fall out of other shades in the same palette. 

This 2016 plastic is thick so it does not affect me when I want to use the blushes. The 2014 plastic is so thin that I feel annoyed anytime I open and close because it won't sit properly when I put it back. It sometimes slips out from the case too.

I don't have any complaints about the quality of the products on 2014 Pin Up Girl and when I swatch the 2016 I feel the same way. It is even just slightly more buttery than the Pin Up Girl because of course it is new, it is normal. I'm glad I found out that after two years passed, the quality of the blushes is still very good.

There it is, the comparison of Pin Up Girl and Color Wheel. There is no regret buying them even for a cent. And I want to say thank you to my husband for lending me his arm, mine can't fit that many shades in one picture. Lol.

Thank you for reading lovelies. Have a good day.

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