Monday, October 3, 2016

Emina Beauty Bliss BB Cream

Latety I feel something about basic make up. I don't know why recently I'm really attracted to foundation, bb cream, cc cream and such. 80% of my haul is about that kind of thing.

This Emina BB Cream is a gift from friend few months ago. This friend loves korean and local Indonesian products and she recommends this to me. While I'm new to local products, I'm so excited to try it and hope it as good as international brands.

It is quite small and the price is really affordable even for students (please refer to the counter). Consist of 20ml of products, the tube is cute, travel friendly and lightweight. 

Sadly the packaging is not holding the product well. The liquid is too runny so I hope Emina is going to either fix the texture or change the packaging type.

The color is honestly too pink and too light for my skintone. The coverage is light and actually it is pretty comfortable for daily use and has dewy finish which I like. It is a mixture of moisturizer, primer, antioxidant and foundation and contains vitamin C and E. It does not cover my pimples or dark spots, but it did brighten my skin and moisturize it well. It does not make my pores more visible nor clogging it. I don't have any problem wearing it for a week in a row.

Without primer it lasts for 5 hours, with primer the longetivity extended by 1-2 hours before starting to fade. It is better using good setting powder to prevent creasing and melting. Below picture is the finish look using Emina Beauty Bliss. 

After all this is a good alternative for daily use. Thank you for reading.

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