Thursday, October 13, 2016

Herborist Body Butter

Have you heard about Herborist before? It is local Indonesian beauty product produced by Victoria Care Indonesia. Click HERE to learn more.

One of Herborist line is body butter. There are few variants like papaya, avocado, mango, banana, and the newest one I got are Matcha Milk and Strawberry Sorbet.

The packaging is a plastic tube containing 80g of product. Each variant has different job. The Matcha Milk is for deep moisturizing and preventing wrinkles while the Strawberry Sorbet is for deep moisturizing and brighten the skin. Both are enriched with sunscreen and whitening extract.

It smells so yummy! I like the matcha more than the strawberry one. I think the matcha is so unique. Honestly I don't like sweet scent on body products so I don't really like Strawberry Sorbet scent. It last for 4 hours on me.

The texture is not like body butter but more to body cream. The good side is that I can wear it in the morning without feeling too sticky and greasy. The down side is that it cannot be used for intensive treatment for me. Short words, in term of moisture this is better than body lotion but not as intense as how the body butter should be.

I have really bad skin condition at the heels for my whole life. After a week there is no significant healing happened. But it works for the normal to slightly dry skin. I don't know about the whitening or tightening or whatsoever, I never expect the result will be visible in only a week time. I need more time for testing it. Maybe I will update on Instagram if there is something happened after a while.

Thank you for reading 😙

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