Monday, October 10, 2016

Sephora Mono Eyeshadow : 21, 99, 102, 103

Which one do you like better, a palette or a mono eyeshadow? Me loving a palette more than mono or duo. Yes, even if I don't use all shades in the palette, I still love them because of the value they provide. But, sometimes I pick mono when I don't have that particular shades in my collection.

Let's talk about this Sephora Mono Eyeshadows. Originally I did not buy these for myself, but then I changed my mind when I realize I still didn't have those shades. (I gave my friends lipsticks instead).

The packaging is a sturdy plastic in black color with transparent lid. Each contains of 0.07oz of product. 

I picked no 103 Star Crossed Lovers, 102 Supernova, 99 Planet Earth, 21 Space Odyssey (swatch from left to right). I dislike the quality of the eyeshadows. They are too powdery, too much fall out and not pigmented. I mean for the price I can find better quality from other product. Top is without primer, bottom is with primer.

As you can see, primer makes them a lot better. They are way more pigmented and less fall out. They are not super easy to blend but can work. With primer they are buildable, but without primer it is not possible because they won't stick to my skin.

Special note is for Space Odyssey, the color is showing when you use primer. If other shades just adding the pigmentation and opacity with primer, Space Odyssey also popping the gorgeous color. It is totally different shades from the pan too. 

They last for 3.5 hours without primer and 6-7 hours with primer depends on the shade.

The formula is not my favorite, but I'm loving Planet Earth and Supernova shade. I think I still can use them, of course with primer. What about other shades of Sephora mono? Have you guys tried some?

Thank you for reading.

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