Monday, October 10, 2016

Emina Cheeklit Sugarcane

Hi again, how are you today? Hope your day is better than mine. I have to finish a lot of things recently. Right now, I'm taking a break in the middle of my work, sipping coffee and decide to share another Emina product from my friend before continuing my endless to do list. 

This is my first Emina Cheeklit which is a blusher. I don't really know the general quality of the products because I never tried the complete range by myself. 

The packaging is so small, it is even smaller than Clinique Cheek Pop. It contains 3.5g of products. Not as much as other brand which is usually a minimum of 4g, but I don't mind since I have a lot of blusher and I will never finish all of them. The case is transparent, so basically you can see the color inside. And because it is very small it becomes really travel-friendly. 

The first time I saw it I think that the color is too pale for my skin tone and too flat because it is matte (update: there is golden shimmer but not too visible). But then when I applied it, the color blends beautifully and create a gorgeous natural color and perfect for daily looks. I'm happy my friend pick this color because I never think this color will be very nice before.

The texture is a bit powdery but I don't find it troubling me much. It is also not creating skin problem even after I'm wearing it a week in a row. This last for 5 hours when I don't wear foundation and up to 6.5 hours when I use over a good primer and foundation. But I do not suggest to wear for outdoor and sweaty day, it will not last long. And be careful because without good base, it could melt on super hot days.

Overall, it is a very good choice for that price tag. I think I'm gonna pick few more shades later.

Thank you for reading.

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