Saturday, October 8, 2016

Missha Line Friends: Eyeshadow Palette Cony

Line friends! Why korean cosmetic companies launch products with cute packaging like this? I can't resist! I'm not a big fan of Line. I'm not familiar with Missha products too. But I want to have this.

I don't have many pink eyeshadows. And that third shade just made me bought it. I even did not care about the other shade when I asked my friend to buy it when she went to Korea. I was contemplating between the Brown Palette or Cony Palette, then I realized I need some pink in my life. Too drama! Lol.

The case is sturdy plastic and in pink color. Not too big and not heavy so it is travel friendly. Include dual sided applicator inside but I still prefer using my own brush.

I did not realize that only one shade is matte and the other three are all very shimmery. I mean it is really shimmery. Surprisingly when I swatch them I love all the shimmery shades and don't think that the matte will be useful for me.

The matte shade with Cony embossing is very lack of pigmentation and not too visible on my skintone, so I decide to not using it again after this review to mantain the shape.

The shimmery shades are okay, not too pigmented but with the help of primer and little bit of effort, everything is fine. On the other side, because it is not super pigmented, it is easy to build and blend. It did fall out a bit, so better to finish eye make up before foundation. It lasts for 4 hours without primer and 6 hours with primer.

I love love love the color on me. It is so sweet and perfect for dating and romantic event. Lol.

Thank you for reading.

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