Monday, December 14, 2015

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Understudy, Roll The Dice, Surrender Dorothy, and Saboteur

Hello again! This post is about another lippie galore.. Yes you're right! It's Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel. They are permanent but I suggest you to get The Sophia (limited edition Lovemarc minies) because it's so worth it!

I got 4 shades and in love with them all. I'm quite happy with my picks since all four of them have very different colour. I have no regret for buying them.

I love the design. The classy black colour, the magnet closure, the shape of the tube, and also the tip of the lipstick. They are kind of cute! (see Roll the Dice and Saboteur for reference since the other two are not brand new when the pics were taken). 

Understudy was soon become my go-to lipstick when I first tried it. I love it then and I'm still loving it now. For me this is the perfect nude, not making me pale while still looks very natural.

Roll the dice is a bright pink and the colour is so pop up! From four shades this is the less liked because I think the color not really suit me well. But trust me this one is still so pretty though.

Surrender Dorothy is so bold on pan but is not that scary when applied. The color turn out to be a bright orange which is quite beautiful.

Saboteur is rock! I mean it! The color is so cool. It is a dark red which has the most classy look when applied. I never know that this kind of color could be so gorgeous. It is dark but not gothic. I love it! My husband even says that he liked it the most out of four shades.

The texture is different from my other lipstick because it is a lip gel. It glides smoothly on my lips and very comfortable. It is quite pigmented, mostly one swipe is enough, but it is buildable. All pictures here are only one swipe.

This is one of my favorite lipstick formula. It is not drying while still provide a quite long lasting color. It last about 5.5 hours on me, except for Understudy only 4.5 hours. It does not create much stain in the end of the day, that's why it is safe for daily use. 

I think for people who are looking for the comfortable lipstick, maybe Lovemarc is the answer. Will definitely add more to collection when there is big sale on Sephora again.. 

Thank you for reading

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