Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Pop : Ginger Pop and Peach Pop

I was so crazy for Cheek Pop when they first launched last year. I bought all 4 first launched shades. The embossing just keep shouting my name. I even bought 2 pieces of Berry Pop which I already giving away one of them. (You know you should do that when you don't have any space left)

This time I'm discussing about no 01 Ginger Pop and no 02 Peach Pop. (While no 03 and 04 will be posted next time). These no 01 and 02 are soft color and suitable for light to medium skin tone.

The case is transparent so you can see the color of the blush and also the pretty flower embossing too. (The new one is very pretty, these two are already used and so well loved, please excuse the shape).

The case is strong and thick enough to protect the product. When I first see this, I thought 'Oh this is cute but really small'. I still bought them though. No accessories like mirror or brush included.

Ginger Pop is almost same with Peach Pop but with a little bit more red on it. 

Peach Pop is a pinkish coral and softer and lighter than Ginger Pop.

Both of them are so incredible regarding pigmentation, texture and lasting power. So far they are one of the best blush that I ever tried. 

On the pan, the powder looks sturdy and strong, but surprisingly soft enough and easy-picked with any blush brush that I have (4 different brushes). The texture is almost creamy and really blendable. The color will blend beautifully on my skin. No fall out on application.

Pigmentation is really good. I don't need much effort to make them show up like in the picture. Really a little goes a long way. After uncountable use, we still can see the pretty embossing clearly. When they already set up on my cheeks, they will last for 7 hours on humid weather.

In above picture, I'm using Ginger Pop on my left cheek and Peach Pop on my right cheek. Both are very beautiful, but I suggest to try first before you buy for people who have medium to dark skin tone, especially if you eyeing on Peach Pop. 

And just like it is not enough, I'm gonna say it again: They are one of the best blush that I've ever tried. When they launched new shades last time I just ooh and ahh.. Promise to get them soon as I can (I'm dreaming of Cola Pop)..

Thank you for reading..

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