Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Compact

I think everybody knows Meteorites, Guerlain's signature products.. Everytime Guerlain launch new meteorites , girls gone crazy even they already have previous series already. Yes, we never have enough of them. Same same but different!

While people love Meteorites tins and collect them, they need one for travel companion. Guerlain hear them. They come out with Meteorites Compact which is much more travel friendly but still have the same magic result that we love. 

The packaging is quite heavy and luxurious enough with the magnetic closure, talking about the price. I think I will not buy this if the case is made from plastic or thick paper/cardboard. Lol.. 

I never use compact mirror at home since I always reach for my table mirror, but in this compact I love that Guerlain includes one.

Sorry for the picture. I forget where I save the brand new picture. But you have the idea that this compact is just like the mix of Meteorites balls in a pressed form. No embossing, just colorful.

I don't own the Meteorites Perles in Clair since I only collect the limited editions and feel that I don't need to buy the regular one, so I could not make a comparison between them. 

All I know is Meteorites never fail. This compact gives instant glow but not causing my skin looks oily. Not like some Meteorites series which tend to be highlighter due to the visible shimmer, this compact is wonderful as finishing powder. It is not bold enough as a highlighter.

The glow is so soft and smooth and it only visible where the light touch your skin. I need no effort in strobing or something like that. Smells not as strong as Meteorites in tin if you know what I'm talking about.

The powder is not as soft as the Meteorites balls so you are free to dip your brush in that compact without the fear of excess product applied. This does not change your skin color, so basically you can put as much product as you need until you achieve the glowing looks that you want.

It last for 6 hours before fading. So far it did not clog my pores or make them visible. Fluffy powder or blush brush is perfect for application.

Thank you for reading..

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