Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cle De Peau Extra Rich Lipstick 311

Finally after almost half a year, I have a gut to swatch this lipstick.. If you ask me what lipstick is number 1 in my favorite list, the answer is Cle De Peau Extra Rich Lipstick (till today). I'm falling in love at the first swatch in counter last October. I was going to buy more than one, but I was on budget that time so I ended up with shade number 311.

If you are a Japanese make up fans, you will not confuse when case and refill sold separately. From eyeshadow to lipstick, this is so normal. I have ever read a comment in online shopping website that made smile. Someone bought a blusher but not reading carefully that case is not included and complained about that. She wrote why the description is not clear and she is so dissapointed to receive a 'half product'. In fact, the description is actually so clear. From here I just know that few people are not familiar with this kind of packaging. Some Cle de Peau products' case and refill are also sold separately, so please read carefully when you are going to purchase online. 

When you look at my collection, you will know that packaging and embossing are my weakness. Sadly the CDP case is so expensive that I choose to buy only the refill. The lipstick refill packaging is only a simple tube with white hard plastic as a lid. A basic refill packaging and nothing special about it. But it is sturdy enough to protect the product, so I'm happy about it. At least without case, it is cheaper than Tom Ford so I could afford it. Lol..

The product itself is in the shape of diamond and veryyyyy pretty and looks so elegant. The Cle de Peau logo is embossed in the front side of the lipstick.

The shade no 311 is one of their bestseller and before the BA told me that, I already reach the tester and swatch in the back of my hand. I swatch few more colors and admire them but the winner is still 311.

In the picture above, the two left swatch on my hand are Extra Rich Lipstick. The left one is 311. Two on the right are Lip Luminizer. Sorry I only remember 311 and forget about the other shades number.

The texture is so smooth and velvety and it glides easily on my lips. It is not too matte and not glossy, but somewhere between satiny and velvety finish. When I applied on my lips, it feels comfortable and rich. It is also one of the most opaque and pigmented lipstick I've ever tried. It hides my lips imperfection and creates the gorgeous finish that made me 'wow' as soon as I applied it. This last for 6 hours before fading and not drying at all..

I redo the swatch this morning since the lighting on the first swatch is not nice and does not reflect the true color. This kind of red (with a hint of orange) make my face brighter and teeth whiter.. Lol..

The lip swatch was taken at the counter. Do you notice that I wear different shades on my top and bottom lips. The top is 311 and the bottom is 310. I didn't bought 310, but it is definitely my second option and I WILL bring it home next time, 310 is more orange than 311. I topped both of them with Lip Gloss Glow 01 and it looks glossier, sparkler and fuller.

I really really really love love love this 311. Sorry if you think I'm too much. But really, this is my number one on my favorite lipstick list. Do you have any Cle De Peau product? What do you think?

Thank you for reading.. 

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