Friday, February 26, 2016

Some Sigma Brushes for Face

"You will never get a good make up without good brushes."

What do you think of the statement above? I totally agree.. There are so many options out there. For a non make up junkie maybe think that any brand will do. I was like that too. Why spending so much on brushes?? The money could buy another lipstick instead! I found myself so wrong.

I'm not gonna say cheap brush will always deliver bad result. Sometimes cheap brush could be so surprising. But, I found that I spent too much time and effort on reaching the desired result, not like with my more expensive brushes. The lifespan is also shorter even with the same treatment and the hair is also less softer.

After experiencing that such, I decided to limit myself on "Sigma or better" choice. Means that Sigma is now become my standard in choosing brushes, not by price but by quality. And Sigma also take the biggest part of my brush collection (I don't have too much brushes anyway).

I want to share some of my Sigma Face Brushes and how I use them. Each brush always meant for something, like for face powder, contouring, blush, etc.. It is written in the handle. I look at that designation in a glance but I often ignore and go my own way, so sometimes how I'm using my brush is different from the suggestion. It happens a lot on eyeshadow brushes. But for face brushes, my application mostly matched the description.

And here they are:

1. F80 - Flat Kabuki
This is a multifunction brush. It can be used for both powder and liquids. The result is smooth and nice blended for most of my liquid and powder base. It is perfect when you expect good coverage from your products and also good for building up. I'm currently loving to mix Burberry Fresh Glow and Vitalumiere Aqua in the back of my hand (sanitize first!), spread on my face and blend using this kabuki. 

2. F40 - Large Angled Contour 
I do contour and bronzer with other type of brush. I use this F40 for applying my blusher, especially when I need a natural result. The brush is quite soft so when you like a popping color on your cheek, just build or use a harder brush.

3. F35 - Tapered Highlighter
I don't have fan brush, so this is my only option to apply my highlighter, but I have no complaint. I'm loving it!

4-5. F30 - Large Powder and F20 - Large Powder
Both of them are large powder brush. The shape is identical, only the size is different. F20 is larger than F30. I usually use F20 for loose powder and it delivers fast application but maybe do not reach some area easily. For F30, I like using it with my compacts since F20 is too big for them. I often bring F30 inside my pouch too (I don't like sponge, therefore I need to bring brush to touch up). 

Well, that's how I use those five Sigma Face Brushes.. Personally I think that they are worth the price. Hope you like them like I do.. Thank you for reading. See you next time.

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