Saturday, March 12, 2016

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Fairy Godmother, Tequila Sunrise, 1995, Kiss & Tell, Mai Tai, Rodeo Drive

As promised, I'm reviewing Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick this weekend. Same with Star Powders Audrey, they were sitting quietly long enough in my drawers and now time to embrace them.

GC Lipsticks are very famous, especially the nude and brownish color, so I ordered them and add some other color. The result is I bought 6 different shades, some double for my friend.

Actually Fairy Godmother and Kiss & Tell are in a set with two lipglosses (will review them next time), and the other 4 are my most curious to try because I love those kind of shades.

The shape of the case reminds me of MAC. It is a bullet shape but with a reflective golden plastic material. Same with the highlighter, the packaging is photogenic but not so satisfying in my hand. It is super light and gives me the feel of cheapness. I think GC could be better than this.

5 of mine has perfect shape when they were arrived. Mai Tai's case has cracked and the product was scratched by the inner part of the case, just a bit so never mind. Then I had a back up for Rodeo Drive, the case is well, but the product was scratched more than Mai Tai. I sold that one since I have two of that shade. I don't know what happened. I guess the formula is not very good for long travelling? Maybe it is too fragile for USA-Indonesia shipping.

Of that 6, there is just one shades that is a miss for me. The rest are nice enough to my liking. They have good staying power (6 hours before fading) and good pigmentation too. So far, I feel comfortable wearing them all day. They are not drying too much, but honestly I never forget to apply lipbalm to take care of my lips, maybe that helps. 

Fairy Godmother is a cool and pale baby pink. This color is definitely not for me. The finish is matte and the texture is the driest of all six, therefore it is most harder to be applied.

When applied, Tequila Sunrise is softer than the color in the pan. It is a light coral with peach color hints. It is really beautiful for teenager and younger and so sweet. The finish is matte and the texture is a bit dry but bearable.

1995 is the most popular of all GC Lipstick. It might be their bestselling so far. This kind of classic nude, not a pale nude, but a classy neutral will go well with almost all skintone. The finish is matte but still feel creamy when applied.

Kiss & Tell is a flamingo pink that brighten your day. With a satin finish and creamy texture, it becomes the most comfortable of all six. It last longer than other shades, around 7 hours before fading and the stain is still strong in the end of the day, in fact a bit difficult to clean.

Mai Tai is vibrant and bold orange. This is the most creamy and pigmented of all six. The texture is satin and the staying power is just a bit under Kiss & Tell. Bright lippie lover would love this shade!

I didn't expect Rodeo Drive to become this light when applied. It is darker on pan, but recognized as rosy/dusty pink with satin finish on my lips. The texture is in the middle, it is not too dry and not too creamy. 

As conclusion, I like Satin type more than Matte because it is more comfortable and less drying. But Tequila Sunrise and 1995 are pretty shades so I still like it. You need extra treatment like lipbalm to prevent dryness on your lips. The staying power is satisfying. And I hope GC will upgrade the case quality too and also find out why the products are scratched by the inner case.

Thank you for reading.. Happy weekend!

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