Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Beauty Picks : Mom's Birthday Dinner

March 2nd is my Mom's Birthday.. She didn't want any party, but how could we, the children, not even come, kiss and wish her personally? Then, we decided to throw a humble dinner for her.

I choose make up I want to wear since early morning because I need to prepare few things for the dinner. I didn't want to be late because of the beauty picks matter. 

If you are my follower, you would know that I'm doing Shop My Stash and did post about this on the end of January. (Want to know more? Read it here). I haven't changed any item since that day. I still feel comfortable using each of them and enjoy the progress I made. So basically that Shop My Stash #1 is still running.

But for this special dinner, I escape completely from Shop My Stash.. I mean that I wear the completely different make up items. My criteria of dinner's make up : foolproof, longlasting, favorite, and looks elegant. In simple words, they are among the best of my collection and all of them are very recommended..

Here they are:

Face : 
- Diorskin Star Foundation no 22. It is good enough without primer, medium coverage, and longlasting. This is one of my favorite foundation of lifetime.
- Gucci Luxe Finishing Powder (reviewed here). Good oil control and good enough for setting, eventhough they say it is a finishing powder.
- Guerlain Meteorites Rainbow (reviewed here). For that extra glow, Guerlain is the bomb!

- Chantecaille 15 years Anniversary Palette (reviewed here). To balance the bold Gucci Sunset.
- Gucci Duo Sunset (reviewed here). One of my favorite texture, color, quality ever.
- Marc Jacobs Gel Liner in Blacquer. Not in a mood for liquid eyeliner, so here's the best option. It is soft and longlasting.

Cheek : 
- Hourglass Diffused Heat. (review here). Pretty and longlasting. No more saying.
- Tomford Moodlight (reviewed here). Natural glow and just because it is Tom Ford.. Lol..

Lips : 
- Cle De Peau Extra Rich Lipstick 311. (reviewed here). My most favorite lipstick formula.
- Dior Brillant 999 (reviewed here). Nice combo with CDP 311 and perfect for touch up. 

Fragrance :
Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom

Do you like my picks? Most of them are already reviewed and the rest will be up soon. I will update the link once I finish them all. Hope this help if you want to buy any of items above if they are still being sold. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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