Friday, March 11, 2016

Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders Audrey

How's your weekend so far ladies? Hope you have a nice one! This time I'm going to review about Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders Audrey. I bought this long time ago together with some lipstick and lipgloss when they were on sale. By the way, GC is celebrating their anniversary right now and giving huge discount and free shipping (as always) internationally. Go check on them here

There is no packaging box as long as I know, so you will only received it wrapped in some kind of a sponge protector. The case is photogenic and looks really beautiful on pictures. It is a reflective gold, easy to get dirty, but easy to be cleaned. On the other side, it is super light and made from plastic material. So in real, it feels cheap because of the packaging.

At the time I bought this, there were only 3 shades available. Now they add 4 more shades, so you can choose which one suits you perfectly. Audrey is inspired from one of the biggest Hollywood Icon, Breakfast at Tiffany's star Audrey Hepburn. It is a warm champagne gold that is reflective and high shine. It contains 12g of products,and that's a lot!

When talking about shade, this kind of shades will be pretty in almost all skintone. The other options at that time were Lucy and Marilyn. When you are in doubt choosing highlighter color, just go for champagne. It works for me so far, always.

It looks 'wow' on the pan and made me afraid to be a disco ball.. But, actually the shimmer is soft enough for daily use. It transfered beautifully on skin, blendable and sits there a whole day. It is near 7 hours before I cleaned my make up with only small sign of fading.

The texture is a bit dry and powdery, but there is no fallout or any difficulties in application. The pigmentation is not special, but still beautiful and buildable.

Thinking of comparison, the one appeared inside my head is The Balm Mary Loumanizer, which I've been using for the past two months everyday! (Reviewed here). Mary Lou is more golden, more pigmented, but also way more shiny and shimmery. If you love Mary Lou but looking for a more subtle substitution, try this Star Powders. Mary Lou is $24, Audrey is $29, but with 40% discount happening at the moment, it makes a good deal. And you got more products since Mary Lou is only 8.5g. Both are beautiful, depends on your style.

Thank you for reading..

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