Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Diffused Heat

Hourglass Ambient Blush is quite well known in the beauty world. Of course I don't want to be left behind. I have to own at least one of them and I have bought this long time ago but not showing some love until this few last months. 

The packaging is compact and travel friendly. Only it is difficult to look dirt-free and catches fingerprints easily because it is a reflective case kind of type. See reflection of my fingers and handpalm there? The design is simple with only a 'Hourglass' printed a bit aside of the lid, the typical Hourglass packaging. 

It contains of 4.2grams of blush powder. I thought it is a 6grams or whatsoever, it looks bigger than it should be.

What the biggest factor that makes me spend money on this one? Of course the beautiful marble pattern. Each shade has different kind of pattern and I love this Diffused Heat pattern the most. In a second I was contemplating because it reminds me to baked-blush, I was kind of afraid it would have the same result (because I'm not into baked products). In the end, my curiousity won.

The color turn up to be a beautiful pink blush and slightly peach when it is blended well. I thought it was more coral when I ordered, that's why I didn't give much love due that dissapointment. But until recently I use it again and I start to enjoy it.

A fluffy brush and light hand are needed when picking up the products because it is so pigmented. It is a bit powdery when picked up so I need to be more gentle to it. While it is powdery on pan, there is no fall out at application and blends quickly and beautifully to skin. It is also buildable to a level you desire.

The shimmer is well balanced and it's not like a baked blush at all.. It is way softer than that. The best thing is the lasting power. I didn't give much attention before because of that not-coral-but-pink point. But when I did a proper review last month, I found that it last for 8 hours! (I never wear longer than that). 

Even when I was sweating so much yesterday at my mom's birthday dinner and repeatedly wipe the sweat over and over, it last more than 6 hours. I applied at 3pm and reached home at 9pm and it still there, I mean still in very good condition before I erased my make up. How good is that..

Overall, I'm so impressed. I really like this blush and think I should share with you.. I plan to buy some more after I get rid off (read: finish) some least favorite blushers..

Thank you for reading..

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