Saturday, August 15, 2015

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.7 The Siren

This is the only Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow Palette I have. I bought it last year but I rarely use it. Some of these pictures were taken few months ago but I always forget to write review about it.

Some bloggers have a hate-love relationship with Eye-Con no.7.. Some Eye-Cons became their favorite, but sometimes there is one of two pans that they hate so much because of lack of quality. Let see what I've got here.

Sorry I forget to take picture of the box and I'm a bad blogger because I'm too lazy to search among the huge pile of empty cosmetic boxes which I always keep until the product finish. (Am I consider a box hoarder??)

The paper box is slim which I like (therefore I couldn't find it easily this morning and I give up). Inside we got the black pouch wrapping the palette. The pouch is not a velvety pouch like I usually found on Chanel and Dior. The plus side, it is not capturing dust and fingerprint easily.

The palette itself is in white color made from hard plastic material with a very simple black "MARC JACOBS" in there. (The original case color is black, The Siren is a Limited Edition for Summer). The opening is a push-to-open and a close-until-you-hear-click-sound type, not a magnetic one. 

Applicator is included but sadly only one provided. I hope they will include another piece and other kind of brushes. But the sponge actually works okay although I still prefer to use my own brush set. It picks enough amount of eyeshadow and can be used to blend the color on our eyelids. I don't really like sponge eyeshadow applicator though.

Most Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow are in neutral color that suitable for daily use. But I'm in love with the most different one, The Siren, because the colors are so eyecatching and since I have so many neutrals on my collection, this would be a perfect palette to collect.

The quality is very good. This swatch is 1 swipe without primer. The texture of most colors is quite buttery, but I found the blue is a bit dry and chalky. Pigmentation is very good. Again, it is only 1 swipe and no primer, dear. 

I thought the color would be so bright that I would not dare to use and combine more than 2 colors at the same time. But guess what! I am totally wrong. Each color is actually softer than it seems. This palette is safe to use whenever you want a glimpse of rainbow color on your eyes.  

Below I create looks using The Siren and still not using primer.. For daily make up I love to keep it simple, I don't like to put so many layers on my skin. So here it is:

* Marc Jacobs The Siren : Pearly White, Copper, Yellow-Gold, Blue, Red
* Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duo : Like Mink
* Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner : Black Ink
* Marc Jacobs Highliner : Intro(vert)
* Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow : #30
* Lavie Lash : Luella

 Do you like it? Tell me what you think..

Thank you for reading.. Happy weekend..

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