Saturday, August 8, 2015

LA Splash Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick in Poison Apple, Till Midnight, and Forbidden Review and Swatch

LA Splash is definitely a hype throughout the world.. Liquid lipstick is a trend nowadays especially if it is waterproof. The other good thing is LA Splash come out with affordable price and eyecatching.

These three are old colors since they already launched more choices now. I bought these around 4 months ago but neglected soon after I received more packages. Oopss my bad! 

Then I was cleaning my vanity and found them. Lately I slow down my shopping madness and don't have new items to post. So I guess I start digging old collection and make swatches of them. Yes, old collection and maybe for some people quite boring and out of trend. But pardon me, this is for my own good.

Now let's get started..

There is no such luxury such as paper box as packaging. Instead the box made of plastic like I usually find on souvenirs. The product packaging itself is a transparent glass tube with a twist mirrory golden cap.

The applicator attached to the cap is a long stick with sponge at the end. Reminds me of cotton buds. Lol.. It works well and quite precise. Pardon my messy swatch, I'm not too good at swatching.

 First thing I don't like, it smells quite strong, smelly like paint, but will fading in few minutes after application. This one reason is enough for me for not repurchasing. 

The second thing I don't like is it has bold texture. The feeling of something is sticking to my lips is not so comfortable to me. It is not sticky, just not lightweight. 

Third, it says waterproof. Yes it is. But it is not eat proof.. See my picture, after eating (non oily, I ate steamed fish!!), the inner part has gone. It is not something good for me.

Fourth, just like most matte and liquid lipstick it dries our lips. Do not wear this everyday and don't forget to use lipbalm before each application to protect our lips. 

Fifth, hard to remove even with my L'oreal and Maybelline Waterproof Make Up Remover. La Splash has come out with special remover, but I don't own one. Last time I tried to remove with Benefit They're Real Remover and tadaaaa it's gone perfectly.

(And anybody could tell me whether it contains any parabens or not??)

But they also have GOOD POINTS.

First, of course the price. It is one-third of ABH (not mentioning about the quality.) 

 Second, super pigmented. One swipe and done. It has matte finish and easy to apply.
Both till midnight and forbidden are good, but I found poison apple bit difficult to apply.

Third, quick dry. All liquid lipstick should be like that, you don't want to wait 10 minutes for it to dry right?

Fourth, minimum transfer. Other than the inner part, this lipstick is not transfering anywhere.


Hope this review helps..
Buy or not to buy is your choice..
Have a good day..
Thank you for reading..

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