Monday, August 31, 2015

DIY Planner Insert from Recycle Materials

I was a planner girl in my school time, only that time I didn't have many decoration beside colorful pens. What I did was only write and draw in different colors each time. That time I didn't know cute tapes such as washi tape, character paper tape or fabric tape. I even did not have much stickers and didn't have money for it.

I was leaving my planner soon after I finish my education. I never write in my planner in my workplace and change to sticky notes and board. But Instagram made me missing my planner too much! There are so many wonderful planner account there.. And here I am drooling over their gorgeous collection and their cute pages.

When you are into this kind of decorative planning, of course you need lots of decoration. Either you buy them or make them.. The easiest way is of course to buy them. But sadly I don't have budget for planner decoration haul anymore since I spent too much on make up.. LOL

So, I ask you to join me making our own planner insert and decoration from mostly recycled materials. Let's start now..

1. Prepare all things you want to use for your planner insert..

2. I have very old planner from Gudang Garam (year 2008) that I rarely used because I already had another planner. I choose page that only got minimum notes in both front and back pages. This planner is A5 (?), and I want to make insert for my A6 planner.

3. Every girl have cute diary, right? So do I. Some pages not fully filled. So I cut down the empty part of the pages and will create notes or decoration from this later.

4. Bring out your decoration stuff, anything that you have.. I take out my washi sample (I made the template by myself too!), colorful notes, and used wrapping paper (it's from my birthday gift few years ago, luckily I didn't throw it away). 

5. The first thing we need to do is to measure the paper. I don't use ruler, I use other insert to measure.. Draw mark on the corner and cut using paper cutter. (I rarely use scissors for cutting straight line since paper cutter deliver more precise and neat cut). Don't worry about the old notes, we'll cover it later using decoration. I will show you how I hide the "Garde Manger" notes.

6. Decorate the paper using anything you like. It's your choice! You can use the date from old calendar (for me is taken from my old Gudang Garam too!). If you like to buy magz, there will be lots you could use for decorating. Packaging of snack that is made from paper can also be used. (See the first photo , date 04, the girl riding scooter/bicycle in the bottom left of the page is from my Goute biscuit packaging). The most important for me is to cover the old notes, basically I will push my creativity so the design will not be boring or too repeating..

7. This is the one after I finished decorating.. No one will know that it was a recycled from my 2008 Gudang Garam planner. Last step is to punch the 6-ring holes (depends on your planner type). If you don't have a 6 holes puncher like me, a single holes or two holes puncher will do. Again, use the other insert as measurement. Draw the mark and punch according to the marks one by one. (See date 11, the "Garde Manger" notes is now behind the red curtain.)

8. I hope you like it.. Now it's your turn.. Go go go!! Don't forget to tag me on my instagram @deavalence when you made some.. I woulf love to see them!

Thank you for reading.. 

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