Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kanebo Impress IC Brightening Sun Protector SPF50+ PA+++

  As teenager I was too lazy to use sunblock, moisturizer, serum etc, and just focusing on make up. But as I'm growing older , I understand more about the importance of skincare and how to choose items that suitable with my skin condition.

Sunblock/sunscreen is one of them. Since I am not a skincare junkie, I tend to be loyal to one item for a long time. But now I am in need to search for better skincare including sunblock that does not ruin my daily make up.

   Again, since no Kanebo counters in my town, I purchased it online without reading any review. It is quite pricey. I believe it is around IDR 380.000 in counters and I bought it at near IDR 500.000 online.

The packaging is a white paper box. They write the details about the product on it and I found it quite informative including the function, ingredients, warning, how to apply and even how to remove.  

     The bottle is also in white color with a silver mirrory cap. Shake before use, twist the cap and pour the product to use. Yes pour, because it is not a pump kind of bottle.

     The product is in white liquid form. It feels lightweight and just like they said, brightening but does not leave any white cast. It is not turned oily like most of sunscreen I've tried. And it is okay for my sensitive skin. I usually feel burning sensation which is not comfortable with some other sunblock I've tried. Not feeling any burning sensation at all with this.


The most important thing, it does not ruin my make up and does not cause my skin dry or break. I feel comfortable all day. 

I am quite impressed with its performance more than my previous sunblocks and will continue using it until I found something better.

Have a good day and thank you for reading.. 

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