Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gucci Eye Magnetic Color Shadow Duo #060 Fume, #070 Peacock, #080 Malachite Review and Swatch

Another Gucci Attack!!  Lol..

I want to review all my Gucci beauty collection on my stash, so please bear with me if I'm posting lot of Gucci lately.

I have reviewed another shadow duo in #040 Sunset here, so I will not write about their packaging and accessories anymore since they are all the same. I will focusing on the products and the swatches. If you want to know about the detail of packaging and accessories, please read in Sunset post (and, don't miss the swatch. It's worth to take a look, I promise!)

Not like Sunset, it's really hard to capture the real color of these three duos. My pictures didn't do justice of their beauty. I spent around 30mins taking pictures for each duo.

All of them are shimmery though not in the same intensity. Some are less shimmery than another. The particle is so soft that my phone could not capture the shimmer when camera is focus, that's why I include the blurry pictures just to show you the sparkle. Lol..

The shimmer shown in a certain angle and light. They are all wearable in daily life since the shimmer is not too sparkly. As you know some eyeshadows just not right to wear everyday because of that "disco time look" when worn. I promise these three are not like that. You could wear it comfortably even in the morning.

#060 FUME

It is the only neutral duo that I pick. Fume is a khaki-brown pairing and honestly I bought this because of the khaki color.

That khaki is a bit greenie, goldie and brownie. It has quite lot of shimmer in gold and silver (?) and it is really pretty in real. I didn't expect this to be that good. Quite buttery and easy to blend.

The brown is less shimmery than the khaki and if you look closer you can see a bit of burgundy and purple tone there. (See the sparkle!). Not as buttery as the khaki and not as easy to blend. Pigment is okay though. Guess will perform amazingly on primer.


It is a navy blue-bright purple duo. Experimental colors but doing okay even in the afternoon if you pair it with a nice neutral colors.

Honestly this is the least liked duo from 4 duos I own. It has least pigmentation (though it is still okay), but it is hard to blend without primer and texture is bit dry.

Navy blue has sheer color payoff when applied (looking at the color on the pan, I expected more pigmented color, and with that price?? $49). Got lot of blue and silver shimmer. It is okay but I have seen many better product than this.

Bright purple quality is better than the navy. The pigmentation and texture is definitely better than its pair. Less shimmery and easier to blend.


Malachite is my second favorite after Sunset. It is a green-deep navy duo and both are perform nicely. It is less shimmery than the previous two.

Green is so buttery that I only did one swipe in the swatch. It has very fine gold shimmer in it and it makes the perfect grassy green for me. I don't know why, but I love wearing green eyeshadow which some people avoid.

Deep navy quality is not as nice as its pair, but it is still a good one. I recognize that in all four duos, the left pan always has more shimmer than the right pan. Compared to the navy blue in Peacock, this deep navy is more greyish and less shimmery.

Now that I have finished reviewing all my Gucci Eyeshadow Duo, I will try to present you review and swatch of some mono eyeshadows and one more lipstick soon. Stay tuned!! Thank you for reading..

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