Monday, June 15, 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Color Cherry Kiss Review and Swatch

My first Maybelline Baby Lips!

I'm sorry but I am not having good relationship with drugstore products. Usually they ended unused or given so I was not intended buying it. I prefer to choose medium to high end products.

But I heard good things about this Baby Lips and saw many IG friends have wonderful collection on this Baby Lips and honestly they look so cute!!

And then when I went to Guardian (also read my other pick Ponds Concealer here), I saw a bunch of Baby Lips. They don't have many choices, maybe around 3 or 4 shades available. I didn't think much, I grab one that caught my eyes.

I didn't read the details of the product. When I saw that the price is only around $2 (sorry I throw away the bill, don't remember how much in Rupiah but it is around Rp 20rb, under Rp 30rb) , I put directly into the basket. I didn't even know it was Cherry Kiss. LOL


Just a typical drugstore product. No box, only paper and plastic cover which you could not save after opening. (I always store the packaging box of my collection, I never throw the box away before the product finished, habit!! Lol)

The case is made of plastic in soft orangey-red and it is retractable. I love the font they use to write 'BA BY LIPS', it's cute!


I don't know much about another Baby Lips or old version of it. In the one I bought, it's written "New. 12 hours moisturize and translucent". I ever read about 6 hours and 8 hours. I think they upgraded the formula lately because mine is manufactured in Oct 2014.

Unfortunatelly '12 hours' didn't work on me. It last only 3-4 hours with eating drinking. Maybe it's still there, but you couldn't feel any stickiness or wetness it gives when first applied.

It is quite lightweight, not too sticky and translucent. The color of the balm is a sheer orangey-red that is not appeared on your lips. It only give you a dash of healthy look. And because it is too sheer, people with a dark lip color won't get any color changing when wearing this. For me, translucent is not an issue.

It has cherry smell like its name. Not to overpowering when applied, but it's still there. Know the smell of cherry candy or cough syrup for kids in cherry flavor? It kind of reminds me of that (not a bad thing).

Some lipbalm going runny and going inside your mouth, push you to 'eat' them. Not with this balm, it stays on your lips and you won't taste anything unless you want to.

So let's decide : Should I get another piece? I'm in love with their packaging. Lol.. Thank you for reading! See you in another post..

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