Monday, June 15, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Rainbow Pearl Review and Swatch

"Another Meteorites??"
"Meteorites again??"
"Balls again??"
"Another balls?"
"Wasting money on the same products?"
"Didn't you just bought the same one few months ago?"
"Don't you have enough meteorites already?"

Have you ever been asked the same questions like I mentioned above??
Because I did!
Even my husband said, "Guerlain again?"
Lol.. Sorry babe, it just like you bought another version of Tekken, right?? Each version has different story and feature.. Only Meteorites lover would understand. Lol..

My first meteorites is Mythic, my second is Aquarella and I don't miss anything eversince. Perles d'Etoille, Angelic Blush, Meteorites Compact and finally the newest one, 

...Guerlain Meteorites Rainbow Pearl...
It is limited edition for Summer 2015


For Meteorites Lover, packaging is as usual so you can skip this part. But for you who still curious, here I try to explain.. 

Soft pink paper box with details of the product written. Nothing special.

The container made of tin and covered with a fish scales emboss all over the surface. The tin is in white (outside) and pretty pink (inside). It is similar with Aquarella's tin except for the color.

The lid is in gold and has colorful flower motive. As usual, the tin reflect your shadow so it's a bit tricky to get captured in photo.

No brush included. Like every meteorites, it also includes puff to seal the powder and prevent it from going outside the tin. I believe, it also helps prevent the meteorites from drying and being stiff.


This is the quote from
"The mythical pearls are declined in a subtle blend of light and bright colors to envelope the skin a pure radiant halo of light"

The pearls are in bright pastel colors and has violet smell which I love. As I could see, the colors are white, champagne, green, pinky-red, brown, yellow. 

A light revealing product will always have shimmer to create a glowy skin. This powder supposed to be used for all over the face as finishing powder. But if you wish for soft highlighting, you could add more in the place you like to highlight.

I made the comparison between Aquarella and Rainbow. Of course the pictures is about heavy swatch, if you apply on face it would not be the same like this since it would be sheer and enhance natural glow. I didn't take picture of product on my face, it won't be appeared on photo though.

This is the swatch in the back of my hand. Aquarella is whiter, Rainbow is pinker.
Rainbow's color payoff is softer than aquarella.
But actually when blended well or applied lightly, the color and the texture not too much different.

I did one more swatch in my underarm which have less wrinkle than the back of my hand. Here you can also see that Aquarella is more shimmery than Rainbow. 

I was sceptical that the bright color in Rainbow will create unpleasant color to my skin. But worry not, Rainbow is gentle enough. Lol..

This Rainbow Pearl is lovely and of course collectible. When you need a less shimmery product than Aquarella but still make your skin looks glowing, you need to bring this baby home. Thank you for reading! 

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