Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick Blush no.22 Review and Swatch

Woohooo!! Chanel is launching good things this summer 2015, but my only pick is this Les Beiges Blush Stick no 22 (my wallet just didn't let me get the others after some shopping madness lately.. Lol)..

You need to check out Les Beiges Multicolor if you missed 2014 edition, maybe the long-awaited Lumiere D'ete and RCS 507 Insoumise. I have both 2014 Multicolor, many bronzers and enough (really?) lipsticks so I decided not to get them this time.

Les Beiges Blush Stick is basically a cream blush but in a stick form. So far, Chanel launched 3 color selection, No 20 (bronze), no 21 (pink) and no 22 (peachy-coral).

Not like a compact cream blush, this comes in a sleek and retractable stick case with the signature CC monogram. It is not too heavy and quite travel friendly.

I hate to bring pressed powder including blusher while traveling because I'm a bit sceptical to bring something fragile on travel. I tendly pick things that are strong enough even when your luggage fall from 200 feet above the ground.. Lol. Just kidding..

But really, I will choose something like YSL Kiss and Blush over Chanel Joues Contraste or Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream over their Artist Eyeshadow or Benefit Watts Up over The Balm Mary Lou. Just simply avoid the worst nightmare ever, cracking powder!

When you get the picture, you will understand now that Chanel Les Beiges Stick is in the front line when I'm traveling.

But is this a good buy regarding the quality of the product? Oh yes it is!! 

I think each Les Beiges deserve the attention. As I'm loving the Les Beiges Cream, Les Beiges Powder, and Les Beiges Multicolor, this baby too is my new found love.

This blush stick is meant for enhancing, brightening and contouring. It basically gives you natural glowing and blushing cheek.    

The colour is definitely wearable by most people with fair to medium skintone. It looks so bold in the pan, but actually it is so soft when applied yet still pigmented.

In the swatch below, the hard swatch is only one swipe directly from the stick. Isn't the colour gorgeous? The coral color on the pan becomes a peachy coral which suitable for daily make up. Look how natural it looks after blended!

Many people said that it is similar with Chanel Cream Blush. But since I don't have any cream blush, I could not make comparison. 

The texture is creamy but not oily. Once set it won't go runny. It is easy to blend and it really blends perfectly to your skin. 

But it dries quite quickly, so you better finish application fast in one cheek before moving to another cheek. And for me the best way to apply is with fingertips. So swipe directly from the stick and blend with fingertips, I'm using my middlefinger.

The scent is just typical Les Beiges scent. Some people don't like, but I always love it, somehow it calms me down. 

Now I'm curious about the pink (which will be perfect for fair skin) and bronze (which will be perfect for contouring). (OH NOOOOO). LOL.. I hope they will be permanent collection of Chanel. Fingercrossed! The only reason to stepback is the price $45

Thank you for reading..

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